Often times, entrepreneurs and business owners underestimate the significance of situating a business in the right location.

The usual mindset of newly found company’s is to optimize performance through cost reduction and sales increase. This mindset as seen in many cases can narrow a business’s focus. Such an approach will result in losing the strategic advantage of visibility ought to have been gained.

Companies that ignore this key component have clearly not grasped the implication of strategically locating their businesses. What they fail to grasp is that, a passionate and self-motivated person who are highly skilled and competent would prefer to work in places that are easily accessible to them.

Nor will customers reach out to businesses whose key business component rely heavily on the brick and mortar model if they are not situated close to them.

That said, finding a perfect location that has easy accessibility in a high density commercial area will be quite expensive and exuberant for start-ups, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

The question then is, where can a new business or perhaps old businesses seeking new options get a space that’s situated in a commercially astute location but companies won’t have to break the bank to get the space?

Read on to find out the 5 best places for a small office in Dubai.


JLT as it’s widely called is popular for being the dynamic business environment for start-ups. With locations in JLT like Cluster R, home to companies like Astrolabs, a co-working company that fosters creative thinking, connection building, ideation, inspiration and proper networking especially suited to businesses with limited budgets who are passionate in converting their ideas to actual businesses. The JLT cluster allow for entrepreneurs to surround themselves with like-minds and mentors alike. This is exactly where you need to be.

Based on your preferred package, the space generally promises furnished offices with car packing access, Wi-Fi, free tea and coffee, meeting rooms, office cleaning services and other technical support should you need it.


The perception of downtown is one of extravagance and expensive living. Perhaps that notion isn’t wrong, but the increasing popularity of Co-working is beginning to take root in the Dubai entrepreneurial space. This is exactly why freelancers, digital nomads, Start-ups, Small enterprises and entrepreneurs have embraced this new dynamic working atmosphere of sharing spaces by renting monthly/daily work spaces.

Downtown Dubai is highly accessible and flexible with its spaces. Most offices provide privately furnished office suites (up to 4 persons), access to workshops & events, 24/7 finger print access and several countless benefits.


Widely known as the regions premier business park. It often serves as the central operating location for multinational companies doing business in this region. For small companies looking for ample spaces to conduct their businesses Dubai Investment Park provides such an opening for you. However, a pending issue is its current lack of easy accessibility which is a challenge. The silver lining is the metro station being constructed to that effect expected to be completed in 2019. On the other hand the cost of renting a space is very affordable.


In February 2018 Bur Dubai was ranked the top amongst the new licenses issued to businesses in Dubai. This is a business location that very diverse. It combines different people representing different cultures from around the world. In terms of accessibility it is a daily communal passage for indigenes and foreigners alike.

The cost of carrying out business activities is low compared to most locations in Dubai. It is particularly attractive because of its closeness to Al Fahidi metro stations and Burjuman metro station. The corner stone of this pristine area is its access to several financial institution which will potentially serve as future investors.

  1. DEIRA

Generally regarded as the trading hub of Dubai. Deira is the perfect environment for small businesses. Business in Deira is particularly ingrained in electronic trading, general trading and building material trading. As the central hub of trading, it is a highly competitive market. This location provides for ample market networking, connection making. It is said to have good accessibility that is relatively direct and straight forward. Cost of doing business in Deira is very affordable as compared to most locations in Dubai.



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