When you think about surveillance cameras, do you imagine spying, bugging offices, and government conspiracies?

Would you like to know what your kids, or maybe your nanny, are doing while you’re away? Do you wake up in the middle of the night and wonder what you heard outside? With a surveillance camera, you can know that and much more. With today’s technology, nearly everyone can afford a home security system. But there are so many choices. What type of system is right for you?

When it comes to surveillance cameras there are mainly two types although technically there are three. There is the hard-wired, wired IP Video Nadzor, and wireless camera.

In retrospect to analog security cameras, Standard wired IP cameras are capable of compressing, converting the video to digital format and stream it over Ethernet to an NVR (network video recorder) or PC. That is, it basically transmits audio and video signals to a receiver (NVR) over a network. On the other hand, wireless security cameras work based on the same network principle. The main difference is that a wireless camera streams the video over a Wi-Fi network while a wired IP camera uses an Ethernet cable connected to a PoE (power over Ethernet) switch.

Wireless cameras give you many options. Hide a tiny camera in the baby’s room to transmit video to any TV so you can get things done around the house while still keeping an eye on your child. Wireless cameras can be used around your property to capture videos and images even in complete darkness as some models come equipped with night vision. You can connect to a wireless network and the internet even if there is no PC on the premises. There are wireless cameras which can be viewed and controlled from a Smartphone, tablet or from a web browser on a PC. These amazing video surveillance systems can be viewed on a PC via the internet anywhere in the world. You can also control the system remotely.

Usually, some people cut corners by installing a fake video Nadzor (surveillance) system. Really, they make what are called “dummy” systems that give the appearance of a full-fledged security system. They actually have a flashing indicator light, with a glass camera lens and a real video cable, and mounting screws with a bracket.

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