Surveillance cameras – How to choose the right one

Where do I buy cheap surveillance cameras?

Looking for cheap surveillance cameras? Take good care of what you want! Lately, the Internet has started to increase the number of retailers selling cheap video surveillance cameras. I mentioned in other articles as the price, is the last criterion to consider when it comes to the safety of goods or loved ones. Of course many people did not understand and still do not understand. Playing with offenders is not a joke! These individuals exist and we need to take precautions if we do not want to stay tagged for the rest of our lives.

In this article I will tell you what has happened lately and I think you should keep in mind (especially where you buy cheap surveillance cameras). More and more customers who have purchased from other parts have called us because they need consultancy to solve the problems they have encountered.

Incoming calls had as subject:

  1. Setting up a surveillance system for Internet access;
  2. Changing products purchased by other merchants.
  3. CCTV installation London

I was surprised to see people call us to solve problems with equipment purchased by other suppliers. Last days I was called by a gentleman who asked me if I could change his wireless indoor (bought from another online store) with some outside because he actually ordered it on the internet, but Has received something else.

I told him politely that this was not possible, but I suggested to call back where he bought and asked for. He confessed to me that he had already done this, but at the other end of the thread, a voice said to her; “Lord, I sent you what you ordered, I can not change it!”. That would be the right of return according to the law.

But more phones were for technical support. Customers who bought other providers were not helped to put their surveillance systems into operation and called for help. Unfortunately, we can not help, we have our clients that we respect and who have priority.

So, great attention!


How to choose a surveillance camera

The video surveillance camera is currently the most practical solution to keep track of what’s going on at home, in the office or in the warehouse. Since you are on this page, we are convinced that you agree with us. And because you need indoor or outdoor surveillance cameras, rotating, hidden or megapixel cameras, we’ve created a quick selection guide where we highlight the most important criteria.

We know how important your time is, so below will briefly give you the information you need to keep in mind before shopping. But if you feel that this material is not enough, no problem. You can contact us on the phone for more information or by email. The LogicalGate team will answer any questions and give you the best solution.


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