We all love taking pictures, don’t we? especially pictures of events like; birthdays, weddings just to name a few. Sharing these photos has become so popular now that everyone born in the 21st Century seems to have a social account. However, posting your photos on the internet and gaining likes and shares is not that simple. The key is choosing the right platform in which to share them. For some people, social media sites are a better option, whereas others will prefer sites that are dedicated to photo sharing such as; Photoblogs. The key is figuring out what method will be the best fit for your needs and the type of photos you share. For example, sharing a photo of you taking lunch might look cool on Facebook or Instagram but a landscape photo might not garner the same interest. Again it also depends on the audience but you get my point. In such a case sharing landscape photos on a photo blog might be a better option.

Now you are wondering what a photo blog is? Well with social media being the popular way of sharing photos I don’t blame you for having little or no idea what a photo blog is.

A photo blog is exactly as it sounds, it’s a form of photo sharing and publishing in the format of a blog. It differs from other types of blogs in that it predominantly makes use of and focuses on photographs rather than text.

That said just like social media, photo sharing sites are for everyone. There are quite a good number of these types of sites available. The most noticeable of these is probably Flickr, but there are others. The best part of these photo sharing sites is that it is easy to make sure that everyone can see your photos, which is a huge benefit if you are a professional photographer. Another benefit is that some of these sites have been syndicated with many other websites, which means two things. First, you will have access and be able to see your photo from anywhere online. If not, you can set restrictions that will keep it out of the API feed. Secondly, because some of these sites are so dominant on the photo-sharing scene, it means that your photos will be safe and secure for a long time to come.

Now for those who are photographers be it professional or amateur or anyone who prefers to post pictures on photo blogs, it is usually advisable to use a local one for a start before you expand.

For instance, let’s say you live in India and you want to share photos of your wedding, birthday or any other event on a photo blog well you should get a photography blogger from India or perhaps you are in/from Delhi then get photography bloggers from Delhi.

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