Epson VS250: A Review


Do you do a lot of slideshows? Slideshows may be required for class projects or even a business presentation. For such uses, a projector is required and the best projector for such uses is the Epson VS250. This Projector can be found on many shopping sites, or could be rented, along with other equipment, on presentation equipment rental websites.

It is a small and an extremely portable projector which you can move around. Not only is it useful for slideshows, you can even watch movies on it. However, the Epson VS250 has its limitations. You cannot expect this projector to provide you without an in-home theatre or cinema experience since the resolution is relatively low.

However for the cost of 300-360$, this projector is relatively better than others for everyday use. It is extremely light in weight and fast to set-up.


The Epson VS250, as already said, doesn’t have a high resolution. Small typing and movies may often seem grainy. However if you pair your slideshow presentations with larger texts, this projector will be handy and will work perfectly.



It also has a brightness of about 3200 lumens. It can easily light up the whole room with clear slideshows which have larger texts and graphics, providing you with a vivid presentation. Which is why this projector is mostly preferred by students and business men on a tight budget. They only need to know how to work it and this projector will live up to its good expectations. I will suggest you to not use it for home theatre purposes because more often than not, it produces a blue tint and the movie appears a bit grainy. This is not the case with larger text slideshows.


Keystone and Zoom

The Epson VS250 is also easy to use and adjust. It has an automatic vertical keystone adjustment option with a slider for horizontal keystone adjustment. You can easily get your image nicely fitted on the screen and completely square.

With a wide zoom range of about 1 to 1.35, you can easily zoom the image if your projector isn’t placed at a good or adequate angle. The good thing about the zoom option is that your image quality does not deteriorate or become extra grainy. It remains the same.

Moreover since the Epson VS250 was made as a portable projector, it has a handy tool which is called the leg. You can use the leg to adjust the placement of your image on the screen. All you will have to do is increase or decrease the height of the leg. This is a very handy feature in this portable projector. This projector is actually very user friendly and does not need an Epson driver to use it. Just connect it via a VGA cable to your computer, and hop! it’s connected and displaying your image.



Like many projectors which make a buzzing sound, so does the Epson VS250. However, the buzzing sound isn’t too loud and doesn’t get loud as it works. It doesn’t disturb the movie or the presentation you are giving. It is bearable and not irritating at all.


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