AOL’s great tool: AOL Desktop


There are specific companies which people choose for their internet connection. These companies provide fast quality internet with no hindrances or people quickly switch to other companies. One of them is the AOL, also known as the America Online.

About AOL

AOL is an online service provider. It was one of the first companies ever to provide an internet dial up service which also included emailing, a web portal and messaging. It also included a web browser after AOL purchased NetScape.

AOL had also purchased the media corporation known as Time Warner. However, soon after AOL began to decline because the demand for dial ups decreased and the demand for broadband rose. Under the leadership of Tim Armstrong of the Time Warner in 2009, he quickly made a corporate spinoff with AOL and made AOL purchase other media conglomerates and brands. AOL was soon purchased by Verizon Communications for 4.4 billion dollars. It also, soon after, made a dealing with Microsoft and acquired many properties of and for new technology. Many analysts and managers and workers in Verizon thought the purchase of AOL to be a bad idea since AOL had only 2 million dial ups at that time. With the purchasing announcements, AOL’s stock price rose by 17% and Verizon’s stock price dropped.

However soon after, AOL began to expand and merge with other companies. It also became updated with new technologies. For example, it acquired a virtual reality studio RYOT to bring an immersive 360 degree virtual reality to the Huffington Post’ audience around the world. This virtual reality feature can be used on phones, computers, tablets, etc. Another example is when Go90, a cell phone video service which is owned by Verizon and overseen by AOL, was launched. It is mainly made for teen and adult viewers and includes content such as Comedy Central, Huffington Post, Vice, ESPN, MTV, etc.

AOL Desktop

The AOL desktop integrates a web browser, a media player and an instant messenger. Different versions are based on different internet applications. For example, the AOL desktop 10.X was based on AOL and the macOS version on WebKit. The AOL desktop version of 10.X is known to be the much different and better than the previous AOL desktops. For one, you do not have to log into an AOL account to use a regular browser or use non-AOL email accounts.

There also exists the AOL Desktop Gold. Every month, the user is charged 4.99$ for unlimited and improved security. Your data is encrypted so that no one other than you can understand or open it. It also includes a two advance confirmation process. The AOL Desktop Gold is also very easy to use, especially if you’ve already been an AOL desktop user. Moreover, live support is also offered to the user 24/7. Any problem you have, customer support service is always present to help you along.

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