Know Your Network Switch, Firewall Weaknesses: A Step Towards Secure Systems

If you are interested in avoiding hacks, it is high time to find weaknesses in your firewall, routers, and switches. Professionals reveal that few high-security vulnerabilities of network devices can often create problems for users. But if you know about them, you can easily find ways to remove them and can ensure full safety for your system.


Below we have highlighted few common weaknesses that can attack network firewalls and switches while affecting the performance of your whole network:


Attack on network switches:

You might be aware of the fact that switches actually perform a basic function of moving packets between different devices. With this action, they are even known as simple pass-through devices, but it is important to understand that if someone gains access to your switch, he/she can easily direct this information containing packets to any random destination. This action can lead to havoc to the system and owners may lose essential information. Although Cisco Network Switches come with special security features and they are also equipped with dedicated software to assist security administrators for performance monitoring and testing; it is important to stay careful about vulnerabilities. Make sure you keep a check on system password so that any unauthorized person cannot gain access to your network without permission.


Vulnerabilities of firewalls:

There is no doubt to say that firewalls help to block unauthorized access to the network; hence, they can handle the vulnerability caused by switches with ease. In simple terms, Fortigate Firewalls act like primary defensive system for large enterprise network, but in case if somehow attackers gain access to firewall systems, they automatically get a chance to manipulate the traffic on the network. The results can naturally be very harmful for the whole organization.

You will be happy to know that Cisco security database is continuously updated with the necessary information about the latest security issues that can affect Cisco products including switches and firewalls. It is better to stay tuned to this database and make efforts to avoid all vulnerabilities. For organizations, it is better to have a dedicated security team that can monitor network performance on a continues basis to ensure safe information exchange between devices.  Compromises with network switches and firewall performance are not tolerable as they have a direct impact on the security of the whole system. Hence, it is important to take immediate steps to prevent system failure.


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