How Business IP Phones Work

When a person comes across the business IP phones for the first time, the system may appear little complicated to understand. In general, business IP phones are also named as Business Voice Over IP or Business VoIP phones that allow transfer of calls over data networks instead of relying on PSTN.

In consumer VoIP systems, the human voice is first converted into some digital data, and then it is routed to a destination in the form of some data packets; it may get transferred as documents, videos, and emails. Once the data reaches the destination, it is again converted to audio form so that targeted users can hear the message sent by the sender. In the case of business VoIP systems, the communication network is established in a similar manner, but it is supported by advanced infrastructure and few additional features as well.

If we look at the basic terms, the consumer VoIP systems do not require advanced features except basic call ID and voicemail service. But on the other side, Office Telephone Systems Kerala are designed to replace traditional enterprise telephone systems that otherwise work on the same public network and help to connect employees to each other in the organization. With the Business IP phones, professionals become able to enjoy few additional services like conference calling, phone directories, IVR, and auto attendant system. Even if you have some remote employees in your business platform, they can stay connected to the organization through these business phone systems. The business IP phone systems can also be integrated to the mobile handsets so that users cannot be restricted to work within the fixed environment rather they can receive or make calls on the go.

There are generally two basic types of business IP phones; the first one is hosted VoIP systems that offer PBX functions over the internet and the second one is premise solutions where the organization handles all operations over its own IP PBX. Most businesses prefer to own simple Business IP Phones in Kerala India due to lack of in-house expertise and lesser financial capital. But the large organizations often look for the premise independent solutions.

Business IP phones usually work through voice call routing, and they use same data to route these calls, that is otherwise accessed for sending emails as well as to share documents, images or videos between users. These systems are more efficient and cost-effective solutions for growing businesses around the world.



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