Be smartphone-independent with the new Smart Watch

The smartphone must always be at hand and one directs his gaze to the mobile device every second. This annoys not only conversation partners, but also disturbs everyday operations such as shopping or cooking. The new smart watches on are classy in design and solve the look as automatically from the smartphone.

New hybrid models of smart watches are almost no different from elegant watches. Modern technology built-in, yet allows the common features of the smartwatch like to receive push messages or a built-in digital pedometer. In the foreground, however, is the elegant design of ladies’ watches and men’s watches. With the new hybrid models, the new watch on the wrist can not be distinguished from a regular watch, which is also a fashionable aspect.

Elegant ladies’ watches that smartly wrap around their wrists like the SOE XW PURE offer extra comfort. The special gold-colored Designuhr offers the functions of a usual Smartwatch like pedometer and pushmessages, at the same time it contains two pointers and is not to be differentiated from a usual ladies wristwatch apart from the small display at the lower end. The counterpart for men would be model QIN XW PRIME II, which offers a modern sporty look with the classic leather strap.




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