Tips to make a successful long distance dating

Gone are the days when getting messages across a continent had you waiting for a month next to a mailbox, unsure if the next person would respond or not. Technological innovations of the twentieth century have brought us all closer, and the most reputable advantage that follows is the ease of matchmaking in a click, which further begs the question that plenty of Millennials have started asking – how to make a long distance dating successful.

The demand of this evolving societal structure has required people to move as per their educational or work requirements. Fret no more; the following are a few tips which would ignite the passion in a long distance relationship and make the experience worth it for you and your significant other!

  1. Trust

This one might be a no-brainer, but it is of utmost importance to understand and fully grasp the idea that a relationship without trust is destined to ultimately fail. This also encompasses not getting upset or beat-up if your partner isn’t giving you all the time they have. Be patient and acknowledge the fact that your partner has a life of their own. This would lead to a better understanding and a mutual sense of respect.

  1. Communicate effectively and set rules.

Nothing kills a relationship faster than miscommunication and ambiguousness. It’s best to set rules that pertain to free hours in which you and your partner could facetime/Skype, to get a better sense of when to expect something and when not to. It’s highly unreasonable if you expect your partner to reply to your messages or facetime instantly if they’re living in a different time zone!

  1. Maintain a journal

The perks of maintaining a journal have long-term benefits as long as short-term ones. The process of unraveling your thoughts on paper (or on a blog) is cathartic to all. Write about your loved one, about the highs and lows, what happened in your day, etc. Then at the end of every two months, mail the journal to your significant other and have them do the same. This is sure to strengthen the bond between you two!

  1. Plan things together.

A creative way to spend time with your partner even if they’re thousands of miles away is to do things simultaneously. This works best with movies and books. For example, if you’re deciding to start the new Stephen King thriller, ask your partner if he/she wants to give the same book a go. Both of you can share your thoughts and perspectives on it. This would encourage active communication and is a great activity!

  1. Have an end-goal in mind.

Can you solve a puzzle without having a picture of the final image in mind? The answer most likely is no. Just like that, it is best to have an end-goal when you commit to a partner and are willing to work on your long-distance relationship. Ensure that both of your end goals are aligned and that there is synergy rather than a void which you’re leaving for the future to unfold.



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