True love, the one thing every human strives for. Suffice to say finding someone to have a relationship with and to fall in love is relatively easy, finding true love is not.

As to how you can find true love. One thing I know for sure is there is no definite path to true love. For some it just happens, others had to work for it. So for those that take the old fashion route to seek their one true love, here’s how you can go about it.

Location: after imagining what your true love will look like, or sound like the next thing is where to find them. It is amazing how many people women especially look for love in the wrong places. Sure you can find it in that one odd place but remember everyone is unique and you should go to where the type of people you want congregate.

Setting unrealistic expectations: although this pertains to everyone, women are the most palpable. People build fantasies in their heads and expect others to manifest them. If you were to ask any woman/man to build their ideal man/woman I’m sure Captain America or Wonder woman will be an understatement.

At the beginning of a relationship, it is common for people to think that their new love is perfect and you have a specific definition for perfect in your head and so too is your new love. As your relationship progresses you want them to behave a certain way or treat you in a certain way. Thinking this way is a recipe for disaster.

Another aspect of this problem is that the ‘perfect’ partner you fell in love with starts to change before your eyes. They start to behave differently and stop doing the things they did when you first met. I’m sure you must have heard someone in a relationship say “I don’t know who he/she is anymore”.

If you realize that you can’t love someone for who they are or if you are unable or unwilling to change your expectations and learn to love them as you would expect them to do for you then you will have to let go.

A cocktail of sex and love: many people, young couples especially, confuse sex for love. Perhaps this is due to the fact that men and women perceive sex differently. For men, sex is seen as an expression of masculinity but for women, it is an expression of love. It is often advisable to take it slow when it comes to sex in a relationship. Elaborate on your goals, the dos and don’ts. However, some people dive in head first.

Although sex is an essential part of a relationship it is however not a defining factor but a piece in building true love.

Communication: this is a difficult skill to learn but once mastered becomes a powerful tool. Men and women converse differently and so it takes time to be able to communicate effectively. Sometimes you are so in sync with someone that you fill they are you and you are them, and the true love could be found via love compatibility by name.

In essence, true love isn’t found it is built. True love is the love that comes from both sides synching into a single heartbeat that will last the test of time.

Now if you are impatient to nurture love and you’re into magic why not take a shortcut and use some “white magic for love”.

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