Keeping up with the baby into his comfort zone at home is easy. But when it comes to traveling with them, that’s quite of a troublesome situation for most of the parents.

You have to worry about whether the baby can cope up physically with the change, what sort of food you have to give them, what should be the sleeping like- and so on.

To give you a hand in this regard, we’ve come up with a list of 12 most essential travel gears that are must to have in your bag when you’re traveling around with your baby.

Let’s get going-

1 of 12: A Baby Carrier

On top of the list, we have baby carriers, which are literally the savior while you can’t leave your baby along when you are roaming around. With the help of a baby carrier, you can keep your hands free and still hold your baby when you are transitive or sightseeing.

There are many variations to choose from, based on the age/weight of your baby, the comfort, the size and of course the price-quality ratio. However, we would like you to advise for getting a baby carrier made of cloth or fabric. These are pretty easy to wash.

2 of 12: A Baby Stroller

If you are on a short journey just from one place to another, you might not need a baby stroller. But if you are up for traveling to a destination for a few days with your baby, you must have to keep this on your wishlist.

While getting a stroller for you baby, it’s not wise to get one with giant wheels and bulky seat. Instead, get one which is light in weight, durable, and easy to open and close. As you are traveling around with it, make sure that it has a carrying strap. Also, make sure that it ensures proper comfort for your baby as well.

3 of 12: A Baby Walker

You can keep a walker for baby as it helps to walk. It is easy to fold so don’t worry about packing. Your little guy will enjoy every trip with this walker.

4 of 12: A Car Seat Harness

Why you are traveling on a plane, you may not have the chance to take a baby car seat. This harness is a great alternative in this purpose. It can be attached directly to the back of the airplane seat and ensure that your kid is traveling safely.

5 of 12: A Foldable Baby Tub

There are many times when your traveling destination does not contain anything but a stand-up shower or a bathtub. But that’s not like what your baby will be comfortable to shower in. Keep a portable baby tub which is inflatable as well. 

6 of 12: Baby car seat accessories

If you are traveling in your own car, we highly insist you to take a baby car seat accessories set along with you. These are super cool attachments to the car seat that can ensure a secure traveling for your baby.

7 of 12: A Travel crib for Baby

Your baby can not be comfortable with sleeping in a new environment in most of the cases. To overcome this situation, you can get a travel crib, which is foldable and comfortable for the baby. Good quality travel cribs require almost no maintenance as well.

8 of 12: A portable high chair for the baby

This might sound strange to you, but there are many cases when you have to create a sitting space for your baby. The portable high chairs that we are talking about, can accommodate babies up to 40 lbs. Make sure to get one which is with high quality and maximum comfort.

9 of 12: A diaper bag

No matter it is a road trip, an airplane trip, or a journey on the train, you need to change diapers of your baby in between a journey. So keeping the extra diapers inside a good quality diaper bag is what every parent has to keep in mind while traveling.

Now a days, there are smartly designed diaper bags which are expandable with more storage inside it. Also, there are straps to wear it as a backpack.

10 of 12: On the go wipes dispenser

Often, you have to do clean up after diaper changing and even after meals. What you need at this point is an on the go wipes dispenser. This dispenser has an opening for easily accessing to wipes when you need. Also using them is made to be pretty easy with the push of a button.

11 of 12: A sound machine

This might sound unusual, but keeping a sound creating device will engage your baby while you are on a journey. make sure to have one with good battery backup and durability.

12 of 12: Travel pillow for the baby

These are also called the nursing pillows. They come in an inflatable design along with comfortable padding for the babies.