Omnistar Affiliate Software


This is a sound plugin because gaining an affiliate following will help you increase your chances of building a long-term marketing platform. The advantage of WordPress is just downloading it into your blog or site, and you can take it from there. The back end of everything will be set up in a way that makes things a lot easier. Get your own affiliate tracking code and integrate it into the software, then you can give the embed the right care needed. You’ll be able track your referral sales right from the dashboard. It’s a great way to increase the traffic and end product on your site.


Google XML Sitemaps


It takes much more than promoting your brand with your audience. You need the search engine to recognize you’re here in the flesh. What the site map does is actually get the crawlers to index your site much easier. This plugin is easy to integrate into your site. You can create custom URLs in order to really create an effective search so that you’re recognized in the top pages of Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Just be clear that you have updated your WordPress to get the best version. This way you’ll keep a clean site that gets a lot of traction from updates and more.


W3 Total Cache

You may have the right product and the right audience, but do you have a good site experience. Remember, that people get turned off from your page because a few key things. One, your site may subject to slow down due to graphics, music, or anything else. The cache helps your site minimize download times and increase your website performance. When your site performs better, that means people will spend more time in the site. As a result, you’ll be able to increase your rankings because the search engine will deem your site as an authoritative one.


Click to Tweet


Social media is one of the most effective ways to market your brand. This click to tweet plugin will enable you to promote your content and encourage your audience to share via their networks. Once you become acquainted with this software, you’ll be able to take particular text from your blogs and tweet them out. You can distribute them in a way to get the most out of your post and increase the retention rate. Also, you can ask subscribers in a way that’s non-invasive. This will help you organically gain tons of traffic.


Broken Link Checker

Broken links can be such a hassle. It’s even worse when you get to the checkout and the link hasn’t been updated. This results in a lost customer and even worse, a bad experience that someone could possibly review. This broken link checker helps you keep track of missing images and links. This way you can go to different parts of the site and help bring them back to life. When you get this together, you’ll have a better functioning site and increase your sales and traffic.




Sometimes you don’t have the right interest on your site that resonates with the people. Sure, you can have a great blog and product, but the thing is you need a good hook. The OptinMonster is great because you can convert your visitors into subscribers. Once you have the right energy, then you can turn those people into buyers. You can even take it a step further by creating capture forms. These popups or exit intents are perfect for making someone stay on a bit longer. You can convince them to buy, subscriber, or even share things from your page.


SEO Friendly Images  


Having great pictures on your site will help increase the attention and the amount of time spent on the page. However, what does that do for the search engine. Remember, the search engine doesn’t crawl your image, but the text behind it. That’s where this service comes in to save the day. This tool helps you create good alt text behind your images, so that you can have the most relevant words to describe your image. This is how you get deep ranking in your images as well as draw attention to the average user who visits your site.




You need a strategy to help you sustain for quite some time. That’s where Sumo comes in to help you get the most out of your brand. Sumo has a great list builder to keep your audience intact for the long haul. Additionally, this plugin makes it easier for you to share content whether it’s a mobile or desktop. You can see where people click on your site and tell where you have any hotspots. Also, you can share those great images you have via Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest.




Another part of marketing is knowing how to engage with your customers. The feedback is such an important aspect of your site. However, you don’t want it to be overruled by a bunch of spam. When you deal with a blog, you open the floodgates to spam and fraud. Akismet helps you keep that spam in check. You can also filter through everything yourself in case you think some comments aren’t spam. When you keep a clean comment section, this makes people want to engage more with your site, and it creates a more professional outlook.



 Having a secure mail system is very important because that’s your foundation. People trust a secure email the most out of all forms. There’s a certain personal motif that makes them want to engage with you more because it’s more heartfelt. Keep this in mind to create different newsletters, forms, and more for your brand.