10 Companies That Give Just as Much as They Sell

You know that tricky little twinge of guilt when we indulge in something for ourselves, that pesky buyer’s remorse? What better way to alleviate that feeling than by buying from companies that not only sell good products, but also find a way to give back.  We’re featuring 10 companies who have found a way to sell their product while also contributing to humanity with each purchase made.

1. Kool8

What they sell: Kool8 is a company that sells fully-insulated, stainless steel bottles that can keep cold drinks chilled and warm drinks hot. Sleek and modern, it’s just as trendy as it is ethical.

What they give: As one of three necessities in the world, water is a challenge in rural and developing countries with poverty.  For each bottle sold, Kool8 donates 20% of proceeds towards sending their bottle to developing regions across the world where water is scarce and in demand.

2. Soapbox

What they sell: Soapbox sells specialized soaps, shampoos, conditioners, body washes, and other high-quality personal cleansing items.

What they give:  For each and every purchase from Soapbox, they donate a bar of soap to those in need, all across the US.  To date, they’ve donated just shy of 3 million bars of soap.

3.     Sevenly

What they sell:  Started in 2011 as a clothing brand, Sevenly sells various apparel, consisting of t-shirts and sweaters, in 7 day campaigns.

What they give: Sevenly donates $7 from every product to the chosen organization of that week. T-shirts are designed around the campaign, and have included a broad spectrum of organizations, including education, cancer, disaster relief, violence against women, human trafficking, refugee care, and many others. To date, they’ve donated over $5 million to various organizations.

4. 4Ocean

What they sell: 4Ocean is a company dedicated to the cleanup of oceans.  They sell 4Ocean bracelets, which are made entirely from recycled material, including glass and plastic.

What they give:  Each bracelet sold funds the cleanup of one pound of trash from the ocean’s waters and coastlines. Committed to cleaning up the ocean, the organization has removed 2,757,000 pounds of trash.

5. Toms

What they sell:  One of the more widely known companies on this list, Toms is a shoe company that sells a variety of slip-ons, flats, boots, and sneakers.  They also began selling sunglasses and apparel.

What they give:  Toms has been known for its 1:1 donation, where the company donates one pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair purchased.  They expanded this to include 1:1 glasses, where for every pair of sunglasses purchased, a child in need received a pair of glasses. Toms has surpassed 86 million pairs of shoes that have been donated to children across the world.

6.     Diff Eyewear

What they sell:  Diff Eyewear is a company that sells eyeglasses online, largely through social media promotions.

What they give:  For every pair of sunglasses purchased, Diff Eyewear donates a pair of reading glasses.  They work with Eyes on Africa to send their donations to rural areas of Africa for children in need.  The brand also has a partnership with SABO Project to provide free vision exams for individuals in need.

7. Woodsi

What they sell: Woodsi is a company out of Australia that also sells sunglasses, and they offer a number of different collections.  What makes their collection unique is the glasses are built out of wood.

What they give:  For each pair of sunglasses sold, Woodsi pledges to offset carbon emissions by planting a tree for every single pair of sunglasses sold, having a positive environmental impact.

8.     Palabra

What they sell:  Palabra is an apparel company who promotes eco-friendly and ethically sourced production of their items. They sell both men’s and women’s t-shirts with their own unique designs and styles, focused on words and phrases.

What they give:  For each item sold through Palabra, the company purchases and donates a book to their global education and literacy partner, Chispa Project, to bring literacy to underprivileged children.

9.     State

What they sell:  State, an online company, sells a wide variety of backpacks for men, women, and children.  In a variety of sizes and styles, they also offer a range of materials for their backpacks.

What they give:  State also takes on a 1:1 ratio where for every backpack sold through them, one backpack filled with supplies is given to a child in need, across the United States. They also work in line with local charities and special local projects to work towards the improvement of social inequities.

10.  Olori

What they sell: Olori is a handbag company that sells handcrafted bags, made from traditional African textiles, by local artisans.  The African inspired handbags range in size and color and are available for online purchase.

What they give:  Along with hiring local women and supporting them in their craft, Olori also provides school tuition fees for an underprivileged girl with each product sold.

So many companies today understand the importance of maintaining a moral and ethical responsibility to their community and to their world.  In supporting their products, consumers are able to provide support to a wide range of social and environmental issues all across the planet.