10 Kitchen tools that make your Kitchen complete

I am a food lover and I love to see cooking tv shows. Here I always noticed that the kitchen is very well organized and there are many kitchen tools.

The chefs use different kind of kitchen tools those are very much essential for cooking. But every kitchen tools doesn’t need on a regular basis. Everyone needs those kitchen tools which make your kitchen complete. We also recommend this article about the necessary bread machine accessories if you are looking for kitchen tools specifically for your bread maker. Now I’m going to talk about these in this article. So here we go!!!


  1. Knives:

The most important tools in the kitchen we need are knives. Everything you need to cut for cooking is done with knives.  For many purposes knife is used while you will be cooking. So kitchen knife set will really help you for preparing your meal easily.

So let’s see which knives are most essential in kitchen.


a. Chef’s Knife:

If you are going to cook and thinking of a knife for cooking, you are probably thinking about chef’s knife in your mind. It has the versatile blade generally 8 to 9 inches in length is a regular used knife. The longer edges of the blade make it more versatile and efficient. It is used for slicing, chopping, dicing and mincing.


b. Bread knife:

It has a long rectangular blade which is serrated with small grooves. This knife may not used frequently but when you need to slice a baguette, there is no other knife to do this that much easily. The longer blade helps to slice the large loaves of bread and the serration helps to cut through the crust without crushing the airy bread itself. This is also helps to cut thin skinned fruits.



c. Paring Knife:

It is a small sharp knife which is generally used for peeling and trimming fruits and vegetables. It is very handy and easier to use.


d. Cleaver:

It is mainly used for breaking down hunks of meat. It is a very essential kitchen tool. The rectangular heavy blade of it helps to break through the bone and meat without breakage of the knife.


e. Carving Knife:

This is longer and thinner than chef’s knife. The extra long thin blade helps to cut thin slices of meat off of large roast.   



  1. Wooden Spoons

Everyone needs a stirring for doing almost everything in the kitchen. And wooden spoon is the best option to stir anything.

There are many kinds of spoon but from the very beginning people are using wooden spoon. It is suitable for non-stick cook-wares, foods are also safe from the metallic taste and it doesn’t conduct heat. Many chefs are using wooden spoons nowadays.

The good sets of wooden spoons are usually made from bamboo.


  1. Vegetable peeler


I saw many people to peel fruits or vegetables with paring knife. But when it comes to a huge quantity, it surely takes long time to peel and it is also very risky. Many people cut their fingers to peel in a hurry.

But with a peeler it becomes much easier, quicker and safer to peel anything you want. It is a very important creation of all kitchen tools. It has designed ergonomically to fit in anyone’s hand properly.

There are various kinds of design of a peeler. So chose the one in which you feel comfortable.

  1. Cutting Board 

We all need to cut the fruits or vegetables all the time while cooking. And what is better than a cutting board to place the fruit or vegetable for cutting??


So to prepare the food for cooking you must need a cutting board.

Kitchen cutting boards are often made of wood or plastic. Mainly these two types are generally used in the kitchen. Some other types are also found in market. These are usually made of glass, steel or marble and also easier to clean rather than wooden or plastic cutting board. But those are damaging the knives due to their hardness. So it is better to use the wooden or plastic one.





  1. Kitchen Shears

Kitchen shares are very necessary and versatile tool of a kitchen. It can be used for many purposes. It can be used for opening any packet of cooking product, or bag of vegetables. It can also cut fish herbs or snip the bone of chicken and many other things.


Various types of kitchen shears are available and those are also able to be sharpened. So if you want to get one, you should get a good quality shear.  Some of them had bottle opener and nutcracker on the handle which is very useful.


  1. Cast Iron Skillets:

If you want to get the best experience of cooking you need cast iron skillets.

It doesn’t have any chemical coatings. If you properly take care of it, it will last for decades longer than non-stick cookware without any doubt.

These are heavily constructed and maintain heat much better than other cookware. If you season it with oil or other fat it will give u the same experience like non-stick cookware without any harm.


  1. Measuring Cups & spoons

When you are up for making special dishes you need to follow the recipe and then you must need the measuring cups and spoons because you need to follow everything accurately. For baking anything you also need to measure precisely to bake everything perfectly that they should be.

Different kinds of measuring cups are available those are liquid measuring cups and dry ingredient measuring cups. Liquid measuring cups are commonly made of plastic or glass and marking on the side that you can understand the measurement.

Dry ingredient measuring cups are normally of different sizes and shapes ranging from ¼ of 1 cup to 1 cup usually (like measuring sugar or pulses etc).

Measuring spoons are generally used for measuring ¼ of 1 spoon to 1spoon and made of stainless steel or plastic.



  1. Mixing Bowls

When you are going to mix up the ingredient that you want to cook, you need mixing bowls. The Best Chicago Food Trucks use this equipment.

Mixing bowls are of different in sizes. Multiple sizes of mixing bowls are needed to used for mixing up things for making an entire dinner or lunch without any mess.


Like the other stuffs we talk about before, mixing bowls are also made of different things like metal, plastic, glass and ceramic.


  1. Whisks

I saw people to whisk anything with fork like scrambled eggs which is alright for them. But nowadays every chef is started using whisks. Before you own one, you will never get any differences.

Using whisks for suppose scrambled eggs, it leaves them smooth and omelets.

There are various kinds of whisks those are normal whisks, flat whisks, ball whisks and spring whisks. Few are plain metal and some are silicon coated. Silicon coated one are usually used for non-stick cookware.



10. Sieve

It’s a very handy kit. You can use it as a spider to scope out vegetable that you are blanching, colander for pasta and drains for stocks and sauces. So if you will make this type of dishes you must need this little tool.


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