Our body is almost always in a constant state of either digestion or sweat; which are both major causes of water loss from the body. Now these processes are vital for living, which is why the need to hydrate is most important part of living. Water prevents your body from dehydrating which can result in diseases, weakness etc. The daily recommended amount of water intake is about two litres which makes a half gallon water bottle. The health experts suggest taking the water 8 times a day in 8-ounce glasses; this is the popular 8 by 8 rule for water. Some contrasting recommendations by other health experts also suggest that water should be sipped every once in a while, throughout the day constantly, which reduces hunger as well as keeps up with your water intake.

Although the water requirements may vary from individual to individual due to various internal and external factors, the need for water remains approximately the same for most population. Lack of proper hydration may even lead to slow brain functioning and low energy levels. Water makes up almost 60 percent of the body weight and is a vital part of body functioning. For instance, water helps with, flushing out toxins and waste from the body, regulating the temperature of the body and boosts brain functioning among many other benefits. Along with the proper intake of water, there is a need to take a balanced meal to keep yourself healthy and fit. Drew Canole has introduced a very powerful green juice that can help you achieve your health goals.

Most of our water intake is from the beverages we drink, but other than that food also has a minor contribution to our water intake; especially depending on the types of food we eat e.g. fruits, vegetables etc. In simpler words, proper hydration of the body is necessary for good health conditions and efficient energy levels. The benefits of drinking water are numerous, among which some are as follows:


1.    Strengthens Bones and Immune System

Water prevents the body from formation of kidney stones, urinary infections, constipation and even some form of cancers. Water flushes out the harmful toxins from the body, provides necessary moisture to the body organs for functioning. Water also helps in circulation and lubricates the joints, as well as acts as a shock absorber for our joints and nervous system. This prevents the bones from weakening and any joint dislocations. Water is vital for a strong immune system as it helps in prevention of diseases.


2.   Creates saliva

Water is one of the main components of the saliva. Saliva is a mixture of enzymes, electrolytes, water and mucus. This helps us to soften the food and breakdown the larger molecules of food into smaller ones for easy digestion. The saliva helps in smooth swallowing, or else our mouth would be bruised by the food we eat. Saliva production requires water; this is why whenever we are thirsty, we feel our mouth drying up.


3.   Regulates Body temperature

Water plays a major role in the regulation of our body temperature. This is because the water loss in the body usually occurs through either really cold environments (urine) or excessive sweating in really hot environments. The sweat is responsible for keeping your body cool in hot environments, which is why water is essential. If you don’t take enough water, the amount of sweating would be reduced which will cause body temperature to rise. So, in case you are living in a hot environment, try taking more and more water for healthy sweating and body temperature.


4.   Helps in Excretion

Collagen water assists the body in excretory functions e.g. urination, bowel movements etc. It helps in removing the toxins out of our body. Other than that, water helps the kidneys in filtering waste in the urination process. Naturally, the more the water intake, the more efficient the kidney works, and lesser the chances are for kidney stones.


5.   Helps in digestion

Although there are contrasting studies on the subject, drinking water before, after and in between the meal helps in digestion of food more than regular water intake. The water helps in breaking down of food and to absorb more out of the food you are eating. It also assists in bowel movements.


6.   Assists Nutrients Absorption

The more water you drink, the more tendency your body develops for absorption of nutrients from the food you eat. This adds to your health because you get more nutrients out of the food you are eating. The water helps in absorbing vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients from the food and transfers it to the blood cells for transporting to the organs.


7.   Aids Weight Loss

Numerous studies have suggested the relationship between water and weight loss. This is because of the role of water in reducing fat from the body. This is the sole reason that the concept of water in weight loss is extremely popular in women. Drinking more water while eating a healthy diet is the best way to lose pounds quickly.


8.   Boosts Energy Levels and Oxygen Circulation

Half a gallon water bottle can do wonders when it comes to your energy and metabolism. Water carries nutrients and oxygen around the body which improves circulation and boosts your energy levels. Hydration affects your strength and energy at a considerable scale.


9.   Improves Brain Functions

Our brain is affected by the diet we take, so naturally, when it comes to water, our brain works better with more energy and alertness due to better circulation and oxygen absorption. It also helps in retaining short term memory which can otherwise be affected due to loss of water. Water also helps in improving the mood, so half gallon water bottle each day is a miracle worker for not only physical but mental health as well.


 10. Clearer Skin

All beauty gurus vow at one simple tip: Drinking more water. This helps in keeping your skin hydrated which boosts collagen formation (i.e. necessary for younger looking skin). It also heals any side effects of sunlight and aging. Other than that, it is highly recommended for people with Acne to drink more water for clearer skin, however, other measure needs to be taken side by side as well.