10 Reasons to Go on a Romantic Trip to Australia

Some think that Australia is equally far from any part of the world. But surprisingly, this country is one of the favorite destinations for budget travelers. Far doesn’t always mean expensive, so we found 10 reasons why you and your loved one should visit Australia if you haven’t already.


Great Barrier Reef

Let’s start with the most famous coral reef in the world, populated by hundreds of unique marine species. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the best diving sites, so if you always dreamed of seeing turtles, exotic sharks, tiny colored fish and, of course, the incredible beauty of corals, this is the spot for you. Someone spends just a day here, but for others, even a week isn’t enough, so who knows how long you’ll be exploring the Reef. Usually, tourists get here from Cairns, but you’ll see much more when going from Port Douglas.



Apart from to the world-famous opera, Sydney has an amazing harbor, tons of bridges, cozy parks, and tasty food. No matter where you go – to Manly Beach or stay at Bondi, you’ll get a lot of fun. In Darling harbor, you’ll find a variety of restaurants and entertainment to your liking. Not many tourists know, that Australian real money casinos are one of the most popular time-killing activities among the local people who are already familiar with all beauty of the continent.



In short, Uluru is a giant round stone. And if you think a spot with such a description can’t be interesting, you’re wrong. Its surface resembles a waveform but stands out with a reddish-orange color due to the high iron content. This place is still believed to be sacred, so be polite when visiting it.



Australians know a lot about cooking, so be sure you don’t miss the chance to try the tastiest barbecue ever. People here treat meat, or rather the very process of preparing it, very seriously. There are even special traditions and spots, where you can cook some meat yourself (mostly in parks). Just imagine a warm summer night, a few glasses of beer or wine, and excellent meat. What else does a loving couple need?



Australia has several regions famous for their vineyards: Margaret Valley (near Perth), Barossa Valley (near Adelaide), and Hunter Valley (near Sydney). Make sure you try Shiraz and pinot noir and take a tour of the vineyards.


Western Australia

For some reason, tourists rarely visit this region, which is surprising. It seems that the place is deprived of attention completely undeservedly: you can find both beautiful nature and excellent beaches here as well. If you enjoy the Great Barrier Reef, check out Coral Bay and the Ningaloo Reef.



Typically, Sydney and Melbourne get all the attention, but Perth deserves no less. Great beaches, huge parks, perfect waves for surfing, and the best Australian beer – Little Creatures – all this is waiting for you here. In Perth, most of the population is youth, so the atmosphere in the city is pretty lively.



Although surfing wasn’t invented in Australia, it’s hard to imagine another place, where this sport is such a huge part of the culture. The best spots for surfing are on the east coast. Among the most popular ones are Nusa, Bondi Beach, and waves in Queensland.



In a country, where beaches occupy more than 30,000 miles, you won’t miss a nice spot. Usually, the east coast is more crowded than the western one, but with such a long coastline, you definitely won’t be left without personal space. Speaking of the best beaches, you should visit Coral Bay, Cable Beach, Noosa, Manly, and almost everything that’s near Perth.



In Queensland, you’ll find one of the oldest tropical forests in the world with excellent trails for trekking and hiking, beautiful birds, and other animals. There are even crocodiles there. Besides, this part of the country is known for crystal clear rivers. But if you wish to be left alone with nature, then go to Cape Tribulation: there’s nothing but the jungle and the ocean there.

It’s time to make Australia your next vacation destination. 

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