Are you getting a divorce? Thinking of litigating or mediating your divorce? Let’s face it, divorce mediation is a less controversial and stressful approach than divorce litigation. There are several reasons for picking divorce mediation. In this post, we have talked about why you should mediate your divorce than litigate it. Read on to know the benefits of mediation.

1. The Outcome is in Your Control

One of the reasons for choosing mediation is that you will have better control over the result of the dispute. Both parties can customize the terms of the agreement according to their needs. This will help them do what is best for everyone. In this, involved parties will have a win-win situation.

In litigation, the decision is taken by the judge. In this, one party will win and the other will lose. If the lawyer of your spouse is more experienced, you might walk away with the losses you never planned.

2.  Mediation is Cost-Effective

Without a doubt, mediation is a cost-effective option. In litigation, both parties will have to hire lawyers and the dispute can turn into a long court battle. This will not only require money but also your time.

3.  The Dispute is Settled Quickly

If you choose divorce mediation, you can rest assured it will be resolved in the fastest manner. Everyone knows that litigation is a time-consuming and long process. You and your spouse will be restricted to the packed schedule of the court. This might take weeks, months, or even years to complete the divorce.

With mediation, the dispute will be resolved quickly. The mediator will ensure both the parties reach an agreement then and there. This is because living with a spouse you are divorcing is not easy.

4.  More Personal Attention is Paid to Your Case

There is a chance that the judge might be overworked and might not have time to completely understand your disposition. In mediation, personal attention is paid. The mediator will understand the needs and interests of everyone. They will take the time to get to know you and your family.

5.  Mediation is More Flexible

Another reason for choosing mediation is that it is flexible. The mediators will schedule a meeting when both parties are available. If the case is taken to the court, the operating hours are rigid, and the couple will have to take out of their routine to go to the court. In mediation, the mediator can even meet the spouses individually. Mediation can even be done over conference calls or skype. So, mediation is much more flexible than litigation.

6.  Confidentiality

Litigation is a process that takes place in the courtroom where anyone is allowed. The record is made public, meaning private affairs will become public. The divorce issues are discussed in a room full of strangers. This means there will be no privacy.

However, in mediation, the process is private as the meeting is conducted behind closed doors. When an agreement is reached, the case is filed in the court. You have control over the information that you want to make public.

7.  It is Less Adversarial

In litigation, the couples might fight over the divorce-related issued in front of everyone. During this process, the focus is on which party becomes victorious. Mediation is an amicable solution for a divorce. The mediator will help both parties resolve their differences through communication. This will help in the future and make things easier for everyone. Furthermore, in mediation, the agreed decision is acceptable to both the parties. The decision is usually, beneficial, and satisfactory for both parties. This process promotes communication rather than arguing, which is good for post-divorce.

8.  Children are Kept Away From Conflict

Another reason for having divorce mediation is that it will keep the children away from the conflict. Divorce is not only hard for parents; it is traumatizing for children. This is because they might not what is happening with their life.

During the litigation process, children might have to appear in court. They will also be interviewed by different experts for determining custodial rights. It is common for spouses to grow resentment towards each other. Hence, it will not be healthy for children to be in such a mess or witness something like this.

On the other hand, the mediator will help parents understand how important it is to keep their conflicts to each other just for the sake of their children. It is because they should keep the interest of their children on top.

9.  Stability After Divorce

One of the reasons for having a divorce mediation is that all the parties will be more stable post-divorce. The litigation process is adversarial in nature. This means that both parties will be pinned against each other.

The mediation process will help the couple to settle the differences in a peaceful and cooperative manner. This is a crucial thing when it comes to co-parenting. The couple should be more understanding and ensure no tension arises as far as their children are concerned. Moreover, the divorcees can always come back to the mediator for modifying the agreement.

10.  Better for Everyone

Mediation is a peaceful and informal way to complete a divorce. This means there is no need to be limited to a system like in litigation. When you choose mediation, it might help you come up with a co-parenting plan that is healthy for your children. In addition, there will be a less resentful rapport between the couple.

Thus, divorce mediation is a better option as it is cost-effective, takes less time, better for everyone including children. There are many options when it comes to Atlanta Divorce Mediator, however, not all the mediators experienced and skilled. This is why we are the perfect choice. We have proficient and talented professionals who will make sure your divorce is settled quickly. For more details, feel free to get in touch with our customer support experts.