10 simplest Marketing Strategies to boost eCommerce Business immediately

Ecommerce marketing platform seems to be the worst and the most challenging thing every business owner has to do. Endless, even growing amount of competitors makes somebody hesitate whether it is really worth it. However, there are online shops that can be named truly successful. After attentive examination one can mention that a common feature of them all is having a strategy that is followed by every single day of their work.

Omismedia has collected a list of the ideas to help you and join the list of this lucky guys. Their greatest advantage is that they are powerful and can be easily implemented immediately to get results in short terms. Here we go!

Before you start
The ideas you are about to read may seem to be tempting and you may wish all of them – that’s good. But what you need first of all is detailed plan what to do, in which order and amount. You will need to spend some time after a certain period like a week or more to check how things are going on, what was achieved and if any corrections are needed.

Create useful videos
This tactic is true for advertising campaigns and will suit ecommerce business as well. Think about the problems and questions you may resolve for your client in your videos. Possible variants:
– how-to videos;
– useful information related to your niche (how to choose trainers, style secrets, tips for keeping a diet etc.).

Write your clients they have left their carts abandoned
There are thousands of reasons for it, but you lose your money every time it happens. There is nothing bad to send a kind reminder about the case and offer something interesting to your customer: a sample of a new product, free delivery, discount coupon to an important local event or famous café.

Encourage giving extended reviews
People are mostly interested in getting real life experience from those who have already tried something. Offer star ranking, give people opportunity to add photos and videos. However, you will have to think how to thank your clients for their work.

Choose simple ecommerce marketing platform
You obviously want to deliver unique experience to your clients. The problem is that you will have to take in mind so many things, so that it is better to start with something standard like Shopify or so, where everything is already adjusted to the vast majority of needs. You may turn to something specific after having deep understanding of a traditional realization.

Write blogs
The idea is not new, but a key point here is to be useful and give people information they can’t get anywhere else. The facts you are going to talk about should help clients to resolve their daily routine problems and fears. The best option here is to create long reads. However, mind that it is time-consuming and can be sometimes boring, you may hire a freelancer for it.

What about your SEO?
Study which word combinations are the most required for your customers. After it, think how you can use this information in your texts. By doing so, you will increase your appearance in search results and get attention of absolutely new audience.
Little note: add word combinations with long tales – you will cover more people where the niche is less competitive.

Create a webinar with a person of influence
We are not interested in abstract authorities any more, while giants form the field can have the biggest effect. Kill two birds with one stone:
inform your clients about the event by sending emails and post banners about it on your website to attract newcomers;
ask your quest to publish announcement where the interview will be (platform, time and date).

Join forums and discussions of topics in related groups
We suppose you have your business profile in related social medias already and even have some activity inside it. However, it is time to tell other audiences that you exist. Make friends with other communities – people often have a look at this point and click to study a new possible friend. Besides, there are groups with similar direction as you have – why not to participate in a discussion and offer a good piece of advice, especially when you have it?

Write us what you would like to add in our list.