10 Surprisingly Creative and Fun Gift Ideas

By: Lisa Eclesworth

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If you are looking for the ultimate surprise gift for your loved one, you should consider a variety of gift types. For instance, some gifts include activities or experiences, which will provide beloved memories to draw on for decades into your relationship. Others might be products or food, which can make for a delicious night. Others might be products to help bolster the romance and keep you two bound at the hips, so to speak. Whatever gift you choose, you should consider it according to the tastes, desires, and needs of your beloved.


  1. Projector screen

Of course, a projector screen is not worth much without a projector, but a projector and projector screen will allow you both to enjoy big-screen movie nights.

Additionally, a big screen and projector can be moved outside. If you have a screened-in porch or a spacious deck, you can enjoy movie night beneath the stars. Within a private yard, you can enjoy it beside a cozy fire pit.


  1. Straight to the airport

A three-day getaway is a great gift if you pick your beloved up at work and take him or her straight to the airport. As long as you plan the getaway to no more than a few hours of flight, you can enjoy a timely dinner and a comfy hotel room for a relaxing time away from home.


  1. Erotic ride

If you shop at an adult shop in Cairns, you can purchase an electric riding seat that offers tantalizingly erotic rides. Depending on your tastes, it can be a man-woman affair in which you take turns being penetrated for hours of pleasure.


  1. Untraditional roses and chocolate

The traditional gift of a rose with chocolate is not so traditional if you include chocolate liqueur. Against the scent of the rose, you can each take turns biting into delectable rum- and whiskey-filled candies for relaxation and novelty.


  1. Board games to keep you from being bored

Board games make for a fun night as long as both of you can take the sometimes not-so-friendly competition. If you want a spicy gift, you can get a so-called kiss-and-tell card game in which the loser must give a massage. However, if you enjoy something more traditional, you can purchase brain games or even a Trezzr cryptogram that allows you to solve challenging puzzles and win real bullion.


  1. Wine tasting

To the amusement of you both, you can purchase a variety of cheap and expensive wines. With glasses poured and cheese ready to help cleanse your palates, you can see if you can tell the difference between what the billionaires sip versus what the peasants drink. The best thing about this gift is finding out which you actually prefer.


  1. A night of pampering

This gift is not just a cheap do-what-she-wants gift. Instead, it should come with all the trappings of luxury, which can include a soft blanket for cuddling. Including slippers, body oil, and her favorite romantic comedy will create a tactile vacation away from everyday frets and concerns.


  1. Dinner cruise

Simply put, a dinner cruise is something each of you should go on at least once per season. If you have not yet booked your cruise, his or her upcoming birthday is the time. When it comes to dinner cruises, all you have to decide is if you want to see the cityscape or if you want a cruise that takes you down the coast to dark and romantic waters and shorelines.


  1. Dancing

This gift is best for the ladies. For the men, a gift of a night dancing is one of the best times your spouse will remember as it allows you to do your best at holding her close in front of everyone. Because dancing is basically clothed sensuality standing up, it can be an erotic prelude for just about anything you have waiting at home.


  1. A dozen golden memories

Gold means precious metal, and if you want to partake in this themed gift, you should go for a triplet. First, the gold solitaire pendant will allow her to sensually show herself off when you enjoy the aforementioned night dancing. Second, gold earrings accentuate that soft kiss. Third, a gold bracelet allows her to always get a glimpse of the jewelry without being too obvious. If you want your relationship to last, it needs three things: romance, entertainment, and gold