Do you have curly hair? Are you looking for a way to take care of your curly hair? Well, you are in luck because this post will help you with just that. If you have always wondered how Lupito Nyong has such stunning curly hair, then this guide will help you take care of your curly hair so that you can look your most beautiful self.

First of all, you need to embrace your curly hair. There is nothing more attractive than a man or woman who is confident about his or her curly hair. That curly texture needs to be taken care of. Whether you have loose waves or tight coils, this guide is just for you. Turn your dry and dirty fluff into shiny ringlets by following the below tips.

  1. Always Apply Shampoo to the Dry Hair before Getting In the Shower

You need to apply shampoo to your dry strands. Instead of going for that one uniform lather, you need to treat all the areas that require cleaning with great scare. Spot those areas and cleanse them accordingly. Focus on the greasy areas and the dry scalp around the nape and hairline. Apply the shampoo directly to the dry hair before even getting in the shower in order to ensure that the shampoo is able to properly treat the areas.

  1. Co-Wash Curly Hair

Take advantage of co-wash. It helps ensure that the head is lightly massaged. When you co-wash your hair, it leads to every single part being noticed and taken care of. As opposed to washing on your own, co-washing truly does wonders to your hair. It makes sure that each area is properly treated. Make sure to use the right products and let the person know more about your hair such as the texture and the type of wash that suits your curly hair the best.

  1. Visit a Curly Hair Salon From Time to Time

A curly hair salon knows how to take care of your curly hair. The employees at such a salon are trained in dealing with curly hair. They have the knowledge of which products to use for the hair. If you are looking for the best curly hair salon then you should check out Curly Hair Salon NYC as it employs staff that truly knows how to transform curly hair into a masterpiece. Visit a curly hair salon from time to time as it helps ensure that your curly hair stay in top condition. You need to get haircuts frequently as curly hair requires more maintenance as compared to straight hair. Besides, when you frequent the hair salon, you will be on good terms with the staff and might even get a discount.

  1. Detangle Your Hair Using Your Fingers

The best way to detangle your hair is by using your fingers. You need to be patient and gentle when detangling the hair. As time passes, you will get better at it. When you detangle your hair, start off from the ends and move upwards. It is less stressful and much faster. You would less of hair following this technique. It is important that you regularly detangle your hair to ensure that your curly hair remains in a good condition.

  1. Diffuse the Curls the Correct Way

It is vital that you learn to diffuse your curls the right way. It means that you should not pin the diffuser right to the head and heat it. You need to be patient with curly hair.

There are different blow-dryer settings for curly hair. Keep the power and heat to a medium in order to prevent the curls from overheating. You need to continuously flip your curly hair when blow-drying to get it right. The diffuser should be kept at a 45 degree angle. Do not over-dry your curls. Make sure to alternate between sections to avoid doing so.

  1. Apply Products to Curly Hair Just Like Hand Cream

In order to apply hair product properly onto your curly hair, you need to apply it just like hand cream. This means you should rub all those spots such as the roots and run your fingers all over the curls to ensure that no area has been missed. First pour an ample amount of product onto your hands and then star massaging it into your scalp and hair.

  1. Keep Curls Intact At Night

Tie the hair to keep the curls intact using a soft shirt. After all, you do not want all that effort to go to waste. By properly tying your hair, it will reduce the friction and keep the curls neat as you sleep.

  1. Ditch the Towel

A towel can easily dry your curly hair. Instead, it is advised that you make use of a cotton t-shirt when drying your hair. Rub the scalp and hair carefully by dabbing the hair gently. You need to make sure that you are not too hard on your curly hair when drying them as it would cause frizz.

  1. Carefully Choose Styling Creams and Gels

Curly hair tends to be more sensitive and require products that are exclusively made for them. There are many hair products for straight hair, but not for curly hair. Therefore, you need to be extra careful when buying styling creams and gels. Stick with light-weight serums and creams. A silicone serum may prove to be useful for coarse hair.

  1. Give Anti-Frizz Serum a Try

Anti-frizz serum is a miracle. It should be applied to your curls before you jump in the shower. Make sure to apply a moderate amount of serum and do not go overboard. A dime-sized portion should be enough to get bouncy and smooth curls.

  1. Deep Condition the Hair

When your curly hair becomes damaged or dry, you will need to go deep condition your hair. It helps moisturize your dry hair and makes them bouncy and shiny. Apply the condition before showering and wash it off with lukewarm water.