Traveling might be exciting and frightening at the same time, but it creates experiences that are hard to forget. Maybe you’ve been around your own country, but going into foreign land seems like jumping head-first into the unknown. Not to worry, you’ll probably love it. Whether you’re doing it with friends, family, or someone you’ve met through DreamTrips, you’ll certainly have a lot to learn.

Our intention is to help you out with a few hints so that it doesn’t feel all that scary, especially if you’re going on a solo trip. One might have a fear of traveling alone, so might face the fear, heights, or turbulence, so there’s a team of professionals. They help you to build your confidence and beyond will help you to conquer your fear of flying and also, prepare for your next flight. We’ll start with some general travel tips, and then get into safety details as well. So stay tuned till the end.


How to Turn Your First Travel into a Great Experience

Sometimes, it can seem difficult to leave our fears at home and be spontaneous about immersing ourselves into a new cultural setting. But, as you’ll be able to tell, that’s what makes things more interesting and authentic. And you can always ask for help when organizing a vacation, from providers such as Worldventures. They’ve been helping people travel all over the world since 2005. We’ll be sure to mention them again later.

For now, let’s focus on your dream trip. One mistake that a lot of travelers make, both first timers and experienced, is that they’re trying to overdo it. They visit a city or country and put too many things on their sightseeing list. That can get one to rush and forget about the main purpose of traveling: enjoying and relaxing. Time pressure just seems to take over.

Another factor which takes the focus away from enjoyment is trying too hard to save the moment. By this, we mean concentrating on taking the best photos to impress our friends, while forgetting to actually stop and take a proper look at what surrounds us. Be mindful of the scenery, you don’t know when you’ll be able to come back to that place again. Your pictures will get better with experience.

Be a bit spontaneous. You might have prepared a detailed plan about places to see. What if you make a few local friends and they tell you about a less popular place, but which sounds more beautiful than the stuff on your list? Ditch those bullet points and head on this unexpected adventure. You’ll be happier when enjoying it with amazing people.

On the same note, don’t follow only guidebooks and travel websites which promote the overly saturated touristic places. Ask locals for recommendations. This applies both for sightseeing and places to hang out, such as bars, pubs and food joints.

As a foreigner, you’ll have your own stories to tell. Some locations are constantly filled with tourists, so you won’t stand out too much there. But you might visit less popular towns too, or live in a local family’s house. They’re going to want to hear everything about the country you come from and what brought you all the way to theirs.

Don’t be afraid to try new things, in cultures which are different from yours. You might feel at home in Europe, in countries such as the Czech Republic, but that doesn’t mean exotic Asian countries aren’t safe or won’t have tasty food. Don’t base your choices and decisions on stereotypes, build experiences and knowledge for yourself, on sight.

Trust us, don’t take your whole closet with you. Make sure you have all the necessities with you, such as passport, ID, some money and maybe a driver’s license too. There’s no point in bringing shampoo all the way from home, or two pairs of high heels. You’re traveling in order to see new places and cultures, make friends. Maybe add them on social media too.

Lastly, you probably don’t want to break the bank and spend one month’s salary on a five days trip. There are plenty of ways to travel on a budget. As a first-time traveler you might need a bit of assistance. Worldventures provides great services to world wanderers, both new and old. Through their DreamTrips membership, they put some awesome deals on the table, which include accommodation, transport and other features at an affordable price.


Safety Tips for Unexperienced Travelers

Although we encourage adventures, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take a few safety measures while traveling. We’ve put ten of them together for you:

  1. This might sound more practical than safe, but don’t underestimate your budget needs. Sometimes, plans can change as you go, or emergencies could come up. It’s better to have spare money at the end of your trip than suffer from lack of it.
  2. Let your bank know you’re leaving the country for a while, so your card doesn’t get blocked when using a foreign ATM.
  3. Do not, by any means, leave home without travel insurance. This includes both health and luggage insurance. In most cases, you won’t need it, but it’s still better to be safe than sorry.
  4. Don’t keep loads of cash in your wallet or pockets. And don’t let money, cards or personal documents out of your sight.
  5. In case you decided to bring valuable electronics, such as laptops, or jewelry with you, try to keep them locked in your hostel’s safe.
  6. Dress appropriately for the country you’re visiting. Not only you might get nasty looks, but, in some cultures, clothes considered indecent can get you arrested or at least fined.
  7. Sometimes, it’s better not to be too obvious about being a tourist. Some people can take advantage while you’re busy innocently checking your map.
  8. When you’re having drinks at a local bar, don’t let your glass out of sight or trust strangers with your drinks. This also applies while at home, not only in a foreign country.
  9. In case you get lost or can’t manage to figure out public transportation, be prepared with a phone app such as Uber. Although more expensive than local buses, it can get you back safely to a more familiar spot.
  10. In exotic countries, you’ll have to play extra safe when it comes to your health. Get proper medical care in case of bug bites or allergic reactions to food.

Are you ready for that dream trip? Think you can tackle the dangers out there and have fun at the same time? We believe in you! Go live your life and come back to us with stories!