10 Weird But Effective Arrangement For Flowers

flower bouquet

Here at Flowers By Jane Brisbane, we often get some pretty unique requests. You may not realize it, but there is more to a flower arrangement than simply cutting stems and dropping them into a vase.


The arrangement of the flowers is key in creating a beautiful piece that will take the recipient’s breath away. Below, we will discuss ten of our favorite weird but effective flower arrangements.


Less is More

 A single sprig of flowers like lavender or wisteria with lots of filler in an oversized vaze creates a minimalist look that screams elegance. As a bonus, this arrangement will require less work to keep looking its best.


Spring from the Chandelier

 Floral chandeliers are becoming a popular addition to weddings, birthdays, and other special events. We would love to help you create your unique piece here.

For weddings, this can work as a fun twist on the old wedding archway with an arrangement created to match your bouquet and boutonnieres.


Put a Pin.. er.. Stick? In it..

 A few long sticks or stems added to any arrangement will offer it dimension and create a look that is both funky and fun. Depending on the season, you can even use the twigs to add some seasonal flair. Maybe some evergreen sprigs would be good in a Christmas arrangement? Or some twisted, dried branches for Halloween?


Bouquet in a Bottle

 Water-hardy flowers like lilies can be stored in a floating arrangement. This is especially beautiful in a colored jar with beads or marbles.

If you’re feeling really creative, we can even add a little coloring to the water for an even more magical aura.


Give Your Arrangement a Fruity Twist

 Mixing some fragrant citrus or seasonal fruit in with your floral arrangement will not only add shape and dimension, but also help your arrangement put off a stronger, pleasant smell. As a bonus, if the recipient isn’t a fan of the fruity look, they always have a built-in snack!


Cage It Up

 Tired of the old vase or happy face mug look? Try gifting a floral arrangement inside a small cricket or bird cage for some added, creative flair! This is actually a look that dates back to the turn of the 20th century, but fell out of vogue over the decades.

The classy, gorgeous look is back now, though, and in a big way.


A Home for Every Flower

 Arranging vases, each containing one bloom, into a gorgeous display tray creates the look of a flower arrangement, but also allows for each bloom to stand gorgeously alone. This is a wonderful gift for a family, who might want to separate the blooms, or for a creative individual who will have fun rearranging the vases or bottles to suit their own taste.

This look is especially effective when you mix and match flower types. We recommend at least ¼ of the containers hold filler flowers like Baby’s Breath or Bells of Ireland.


A Princess-Inspired Cloche

 Placing your arrangement under a cloche will not only give it a whimsical feel, but can also help keep the arrangement well-hydrated. This is a good idea for long-term displays.

If your recipient is a fan of the Disney Movie “Beauty and the Beast,” consider a red rose display with plenty of baby’s breath and some added glitter.


A Rustic Twist on Another Look

 Similar to an idea listed above, skip the tray and tie several tall, slender tubes or bottles together with twine. This will create a more rustic look while keeping your arrangement “United but Independent.”


Go Big or Go Home

 A giant vase with giant flowers is a fun way to tell someone you care.. A lot. The best flowers for this arrangement include sunflowers, dahlias, or alliums because of the size of their blooms and length of the attached stems.

We hope that you are feeling inspired by these ideas and will keep them in mind for your next arrangement purchase. As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need us to assist in creating the perfect gift for your loved one!