11 Apps Every Occupational Therapist Assistant Needs



When is the last time thatyou used an app on your smartphone?

Probably within the past hour!

In today’s world having mobile apps to assist your occupational therapy practice just makes sense.


You and your patients both have your phones on you during your treatment sessions.

Many OTRs and COTAs are starting to use apps to assist with treatment, for example with pediatric patients. Kids especially will connect with you through the use of technology.

But along with children almost every patient will enjoy using apps during their therapy treatment sessions.

Our list of apps today are recommended by the AOTA, NewGradOT, and the OTA Guide which are leading publications for occupational therapy assisting professionals that can also help occupational therapy assistant students find OTA programs online.

The good news is that each of the apps below are either free or very low cost. So, just about any occupational therapy clinic will be able to afford to use them.


1 – ‘Beatbox’

Cost: $0/Free – This app has a lot of cool sounds and beats to give kids an audio sensory break from time to time during their therapy sessions.

2 – Innovative Mobile Apps’, ‘ABA Flash Cards & Game’

Cost: $0.99 – Children learn over 50 different emotions with electronic flashcards.

3 – Innovative Mobile Apps’, ‘Touch and Learn Emotions’

Cost: $1.99 – Helps children learn how to read body language.

4 – BinaryLab’s, ‘Dexteria: Fine Motor Skill Development’

Cost: $3.99 – Provides children with finger isolation exercises to develop their handwriting skills.

5 – This Reading Mama, LLC’s, ‘Trace It, Try It: Handwriting Exercises for Kids’

Cost: $2.99 – A fun way for kids to trace letters, numbers, and short words on their screens.

6 – Artgig Studio’s, ‘Alien Buddies Preschool Learning’

Cost: $2.99 – Kids will enjoy exercising finger control skills and practicing their letter recognition with a variety of puzzles.

7 – Fizzbrain LLC’s, ‘Touch and Write’

Cost: $2.99 – Also teaches cursive. One of the most fun games for kids to practice cursive in different textures such as food condiments!

8 – ‘GoNoodle’

Cost: $0/Free! – Fun videos to take little breaks during OT sessions.

9 – Funny Feelings, ‘Emotionary’

Cost: $0/Free! – Track your patient’s behavioral triggers using this diary of emotions. Watch patient satisfaction and progress improve after implementing this.

10 – Apps in My Pocket Ltd’s, ‘abc PocketPhonics’

Cost: $6.99 (Free version is limited) – Using audio kids will hear a letter and then must properly trace it on the screen.

11 – Essare LLC’s, ‘Ready to Print’

Cost: $9.99 – Offers a list of fun games to assist kids with their visual and fine motor skills.


Time to Download

Now that you have this awesome list of apps for occupational therapist assistants, the only question left is, when are you going to start using them!

In all honesty, do you think you are more stoked to use these apps or that your patients are more excited than you to use them?

As soon as you begin using these you will see happy patients and improved results leading to better patient outcomes.

And everyone will be having a fun time with these enjoyable apps!

If you are new to occupational therapy you can learn more about the career and some other healthcare careers that are consistently rated some of the most rewarding, here in this article.

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