Looking for unique and great gifts for your significant other? Are you tired of giving traditional gifts? Every year people give special gifts on Valentine’s day to their loved ones to show their love and how much they mean to them. It doesn’t matter whether the gift is expensive or not, it is the intention and sentiments that matter.

There are numerous gifts that you can get for your special someone. It is not about spending more money on a gift, it is about making them feel loved and appreciated. Valentine’s day gifts are about knowing your partner. Sure, you can go with traditional red flowers and classic chocolate. However, an extra-thoughtful gift goes a long way to make them feel the love.

This year go a little over the top with wonderful gifts that your significant other will cherish forever. Here are excellent gift ideas to make this valentine’s day a one of a kind of experience just like your significant other.

Gift Basket

Instead of going for pre-filled Valentine’s day gift baskets, this year put in a little more effort. Show how much you appreciate the man or woman in your life by making a DIY gift basket. This is a great way to show that you notice everything little they like. The gift basket can include things like:

  • A scarf
  • Favorite perfume
  • Wine bottle
  • Favorite candy
  • Favorite movie
  • Flowers
  • Jewelry

Every Valentine’s day, jewelry is a huge hit. Nothing says I love you better than a quality jewelry piece. Just focus on the style of significant other and search for complementary pieces. You can give:

A charm bracelet to your special someone. Make sure you can add charms as the year passes by.

Get an engraved ring with the lines from their favorite poem or quote.

Choose a quality locket with the photos of you two

Sporting Goods

If your guy is like all normal guys, then he is probably into sports. Why not show him that you support the pursuit of his hobbies? This will definitely make him love you more. So, this Valentine’s day give them a sporting good.

In case the woman in your life is into sports, get her something she will remember for the rest of her life.

Gifts might include:

  • Running gear
  • A gift certificate of sporting goods store
  • Fishing gear
  • Golf sets
  • Bowling bag and ball

Sexy Lingerie

This Valentine’s day give your someone special the best gift. Surprise them by giving them an erotic or ultra-sexy lingerie. Spice things up in your life and get ready to get some action in bed. Or get spicy lingerie and make sure the man in your life has the best time of his life. In addition, you can even get them something to keep them busy.


On Valentine’s day, make it a fun experience for your significant other. Make them feel special by getting a ticket to a special event. Get concert tickets to their favorite band or give him a chance to see his favorite team play. In case your partner likes monster truck competition, well get a ticket to show how much you love them.

Dinner and Movie

Make your special someone feel more special by taking them out for a change. What is perfect for a romantic date than dinner and a movie? To make them feel special, let them choose the restaurant and pick out the movie. Keep in mind, don’t show any disappointment if you don’t like their choice. Since it is their gift, it is crucial for them to enjoy it.

Personalized Keychain

If you want to keep things simple, get your loved ones a personalized keychain. This will help them keep their keys with them at all times. The personalized message is a good way to show your appreciation. Nothing is better than a keychain as it is practical. The market is filled with different types of keychains, available in a wide range of colors, designs, and shapes. It is the best gift for someone who says they don’t want anything at all.

Supersonic Hair Dryer

For the best lady in your life, get a supersonic hairdryer. Every girl washes and blow-dries her hair every morning. This Valentine’s day get her the Rolls Royce of hair dryers. Help them have perfect hair every morning and create a great first impression on others.


The perfect Valentine’s day gift for your special someone is a watch. It is an excellent accessory that will enhance their style and appearance. Whether you are getting it for him or her, it a wonderful piece of jewelry. Make sure you get a watch that matches their personality. Help your partner be on time by getting them a cool and stylish watch.

Scented Candles

Don’t underestimate the power of a good scented candle. Nothing can set the mood right quickly like a scented candle. On this valentine’s day, do some a little naughty, get a sensual and feminine scent that is great for taking into the bedroom and setting the mood. Buy a scented candle in the favorite smell of your significant other. Confuse about the scent they will like, no worries. Going with vanilla scent is a safe option.

Leather Gloves

In today’s advanced world, everyone should stay updated with technology. Getting leather gloves that makes texting possible is a perfect choice. These will not only keep your hands warm in winter but will also make it easy to use your phone. It will help them have a pleasant and aesthetic accessory to enhance their appeal. Leather gloves are a great addition to a wide range of clothes. Moreover, they can go well with several other accessories. So, this Valentine’s day show your loved ones that you care about them.

With these great ideas, give your partner the perfect Valentine’s day gift and take your romantic life ahead.