Junk tends to accumulate over the years, especially if you do not do anything about it. Getting rid of it is not an easy task. A lot of the time, we simply put off junk removal. It only leads to more junk piling up. If you are having trouble removing junk from your home or office, you have come to the right place. This post shares the top 11 tips that will help you with junk removal. Go through the tips to get rid of all the junk in no time.

Our modern lifestyle keeps us busy. We barely get time to sleep sufficiently. However, that is no excuse for letting junk pile up. It can be hard to deal with items that you do not need anymore. Leaving junk at home can affect your mood. Fortunately, these days there are things that can make the job a lot easier. For instance, hiring JustDumpsters can provide an excellent service to handle trash regularly during the week and advises customer throughout the process to ensure they effectively meet your needs. Your home is supposed to be an uncluttered sanctuary from the world and not a mess. Children’s toys, tennis shows which do not fit, an old bicycle, and furniture that you no longer use are just a few examples of junk that can be effectively removed from your home.

Whether it is spring or a new year, we all make plans for removing junk. However, the plans never get executed and we only make new plans each time. But, it is about time that you took things seriously and actually did something about the situation. Our homes need a top-to-bottom scrubbing to look their best. Spring cleaning can be a hassle, especially if you have not done it for a long time. The following junk removal tips will prove useful.

  1. Get Started

One of the most important tips that you need to follow is getting started. Putting junk removal on hold is the main reason why you are in such a difficult situation in the first place. To get things done, you have to get started. This does not mean that you should go through the entire house or office. Instead, it means that you should at least do something. Start small and move your way up. You will thank yourself for it.

Now, it can seem overwhelming having to decide where and when to start. However, it does not need to be this way. All you have to do is start with junk removal. Everything will fall into place eventually. You do not need to over-think things. Most of the time things are easier than they seem. Nothing feels more refreshing than getting rid of unwanted things.

  1. Hold a Yard Sale

Sometimes, we all need a little motivation when it comes to junk removal. There is no better to remove junk than by holding a yard sale. It can be difficult saying bye to your prized possessions. However, when you get something in return for it such as cash, it makes the task a lot more fun. Besides, who does not like some extra cash? Hence, it makes sense to hold a yard sale.

Seeing other people want your things will make you feel good and more generous with others. If your backyard already looks like a junkyard, you just need to call your friends and neighbors over to get the party started. A yard sale is one of the most effective ways to remove the unwanted stuff. There is no point in hoarding things that you do not even need. Earn some extra cash by holding a yard sale. It will not just help get rid of the clutter but also allow you to connect better with your neighbors. Rather than continuing to hold onto the junk, you should sell it to people who need it.

  1. Rent a Dumpster 

Once you have held the yard sale, it is time you threw out things that did not sell by renting a dumpster. You can contact a junk removal company to have a dumpster delivered to your address. It offers one of the best ways to throw all your unwanted stuff away. Be open to the idea of throwing away everything unnecessary. Items that cannot be sold should not be kept. They should instead be thrown away.

  1. Donate

If you are interested in giving back to the community, it is better that you donate all the unused furniture, clothes, and other items to charity. Rather than renting a dumpster, you can simply pack boxes of all your items and donate them. Besides, it will also make you feel good about yourself. Hence, it is a win-win situation. Nothing is better than donating to others. Let the joy of giving take over.

There is always a charity or non-profit organization that would be delighted to take all your unwanted items. Contact a non-profit to find out if they can pick up the items from your home. Otherwise, you could drive down to their office and have the items delivered to them. It is always a good idea to donate all your unused belongings to others who are in need. Giving back to the community is crucial to living a happy and content life.

Old items that you do not need can prove useful to others. Shoes and clothes are always required at homeless shelters and children’s toys should be donated to an orphanage. It is the little things that count. There is no need for you to hold onto items that you will never use again.

  1. Make a List

Another tip that you should follow when trying to remove junk is making a list, it will help make the process a lot easier for you. The importance of a list of unwanted items cannot be stressed enough. Go through your home and write down everything that is not needed. When you pack all the non-essentials, you need to keep a record of the items in writing. Hence, you should always create a list that you can access in the future to find out which items are not needed and where they are.

Making a list is even more important if you are not using transparent boxes. The last thing you want is to go through hundreds of boxes just to look for the hairdryer. Make things easier by writing down everything that you pack. It will allow you to check the list whenever something is required. All professional packers know how useful it is to have a list of items that have been packed.

  1. Use a Different Color for Storing Items of Each Room

In addition to preparing a list of all the items packed, it is a good idea to use a different colored box for storing items of each room. It will allow you to easily identify which type of items to expect from each box. Thus, you will have an easy time finding unwanted things and can dispose of them off accordingly. If you do not have boxes of different colors, you can simply use duct tapes of different colors. They will help make the organization of the boxes a lot more fun.

Designate a color for every room and get started. You can throw away the items that cannot be donated. Besides, when you use a different colored box or duct tape for each room, it makes it easier for the other person to understand what is in which box. There are some duct tapes that even have words on them if you want to take your junk removal to the next level.

  1. Utilize Old Suitcases

If you have not travelled in a while and do not hope to do so in the future, you can utilize your old suitcases. They are perfect for packing heavy items such as books. If your suitcase has wheels, it would be even more useful. There is no reason to leave your old suitcases lying in the attic or garage. Instead, you should take advantage of them to get done with your junk removal.

Put your empty suitcases to use. You will thank yourself for it. There are all types of items that can be packed in them. You need to aim to get as much in them as possible to finish junk removal.

  1. Recycle

Many of the things that you consider a junk can be recycled. As the world braces itself for global warming, we all need to play our part if we want to bring things under control. This is why it makes sense to recycle all your junk. Since many of the items can be easily recycled such as plastic bags, packaged boxes, and used papers, all you need to do is pay a visit to the nearest recycling center near you.

Moreover, you might also earn some money for recycling the items. That might just be the incentive you need to drive over to the recycling center. Collect all of the items that you consider junk and believe that they can be recycled and take them with you. A lot of them can be easily recycled with minimum effort. Remember, every single effort counts for a greener world. If you are concerned about the environment, you should actively recycle all of your junk. It will make you feel good about your efforts. Make junk removal worthwhile through recycling.

  1. Sell on eBay or Reddit

Both eBay and Reddit are considered to be the most popular online selling platforms. You can easily post an ad about all of the items that you would like to sell. Wait for a response and sell the items to the person whom you trust and who can pay the highest price. Selling items on eBay or Reddit can make you a ton of money.

Many dumpster divers rely on eBay for making most of their income and you can too by posting ads on the site. The same goes for Reddit. Use the platforms every once in a while to showcase what you have to offer and sell the items to the highest bidder. You will be surprised by just how much you can earn on the platform. Your old collectibles can be sold for a ton of money on the platforms. Remember, one man’s trash is another’s treasure. Hence, you should not underestimate the value of the items.

  1. Avoid Clutter

Before you start to throw away junk that is no longer useful to you, you need to ensure that you avoid clutter. Junk is inevitable. However, that does not give you the right to leave things all over the place. Besides, cluttered junk can be a serious issue. You can easily trip over the junk and fall without notice. Have all the junk placed in one area to effectively deal with it. It is important to note that junk can carry bacteria and germs which could spread all over your home or office.

The secret to avoiding clutter is being clean. When you clean the junk, you get to prevent bacteria from spreading all over the place. It is crucial that you clean the junk regularly and organize it. Remove dirt, rust, and mould from the items to ensure that your house is clean.

To avoid clutter, you need to regularly throw away junk which is no longer useful. Look for a junkyard near you to dump all your junk. It will make it a lot easier for you to get the job done.

  1. Hire a Junk Removal Service

Finally, we have left the most important junk removal tip for the last. Nothing is better than hiring a junk removal service. Sometimes, you need to let the professionals do their job. Junk cleaning can be time-consuming. Hence, it is a good idea to hire a good junk removal company such as Home on Call. Rather than wasting time finding a truck, filling it up, and driving it to the junkyard, it is better to let the experts help you out.



Once you have gone over this post, you will have no trouble removing junk from your home or office. The importance of hiring a professional junk removal company cannot be stressed enough.