Many men aren’t exactly fans of jewelry and instead, words such as ‘mangles’ and ‘mewellery’ literally do send a shiver down their spines. However, men today are quite successfully buying into the jewelry trend.

Throughout the years 2012 and 2013, it has been noticed that the mens bracelets have taken off and even transformed into a particularly go-to accessory for all the style-conscious men that exist. There is a great variety of options to select from, from the leather cuffs to the wooden beads and to the metal ID bands, especially for those men who adorn their wrists confidently.


Different Types of Men’s Bracelet Designs:

In order to add some charm to a man’s personality, some really good-looking hands, that confidence, fashion and style, a man’s bracelet can be just the ideal answer! You can now give all those modernized fashion looks to your colleagues, peers, family and friends.

1.     Men’s Gold Bracelets:

Men’s bracelets that are made out of gold are certainly the safest choice and the color golden and gold can simply never ever be outdated. No matter what a man is wearing, he can easily always be certain of any kind of jewelry in golden color for its luster, color and value. Men’s gold bracelets can easily go well with various traditional clothes for festivals, weddings, etc. Besides, golden bracelets can also serve to be an amazing gifting option for men.

2.     Men’s Diamond Bracelets:

There is absolutely nobody in this world who could deny diamonds! Diamonds are certainly the most prized possession for both women and men. Gold bracelets that are studded with diamonds can definitely be a masterwork in a man’s jewelry trousseau. Even though diamonds do tend to be more costly of course, they can never be matched for their cuts, brilliance and shine to any other kinds of jewelry items.

3.     Men’s Silver Bracelets:

Men’s silver bracelets are extremely common nowadays with the number of Bollywood stars who have been flaunting such bracelets in style. White silver bracelets, oxidized silver ones or the bracelets that come with authentic silver can easily be paired for a really casual and cool look and would indeed look great with a black or white outfit too.

4.     Men’s Plain Chain Bracelets:

Men’s plain chain bracelets can easily go with any kind of a regular and occasional wear. Men can also wear them for an everyday casual look as well. These bracelets could be made out of steel, alloy or some metal. And they can also be in various different colors and patterns so as to match the occasion.

5.     Men’s Personalized Name Bracelets:

Men often believe that the beautiful personalized name bracelets do have a rather lovely impression around one’s wrists. Personalizing various different things is in fashion and therefore, there are bracelets that come with quotes and names that look very trendy in all kinds of looks.

6.     Men’s Black Bracelets:

In today’s world, a man believes that black bracelets are among the fastest catching jewelry trends. In fact, black bracelets can easily be one of the style and fashion statements for men today. These bracelets can come with cute stars, locks, peace symbols, hearts or even leaves etc.

7.     Men’s Leather Bracelets:

Men’s leather bracelets are really appreciated because of their cool luster and shine. These bracelets can simply be paired off with some casual shirts and a pair of jeans. Leather bracelets can exist in both glossy as well as a matt finish look.

8.     Men’s Gold Rudraksha Bracelet Designs:

Rudraksha is very significant for all those who practice Hinduism and basically, people wear these in bracelets, chains, etc. Its seed form is called Rudraksha, which is typically worn by those people who travel for stability a lot, and people also wear it so as to channel one’s energy in the right frame. It has brown beads that are combined in silver or gold to create a bracelet which looks very stylish when worn.

9.     Men’s Tiger Line – Silver Bracelets:

Men often wear jewelry with tigers on them because tigers are the ultimate symbols of pride, power and ferocity. These are in fact the appropriate qualities in men as well because they wish to be seen as strong and powerful people in general. Additionally, the tiger’s powerful face in the bracelet does add gravity to a one’s personality indicating a strong willpower and strength.

10.  Men’s Evil Eye Bracelets:

In today’s time, it is very common for people to wear or hang an evil eye. The evil eye can be seen in the form of rings, key chains and even pendants etc. So they even look great on bracelets! Basically, bracelets with the evil eyes on them are used for the purpose of warding off glowers from those people that are believed to bring about some form of bad luck or misfortune. The evil eye can be used in the form of a bracelet instead of tying it in a thread or a string.

11.  Men’s Thin Bracelets:

Men of all ages make use of these basic thin bracelets for an everyday look. They could be made out of any material, such as silver, metal, alloy, thread, string etc. They aren’t so heavy and in fact, they are created in such a manner that everyone can easily carry such a bracelet off. They stand out because of their elegance.

12.  Men’s Rose Gold Bracelets:

Rose gold is basically an alloy made out of copper and of gold and it has been used for jewelry for quite some time. It has been getting a lot of fame and is often used for bracelets, rings or other jewelry. These bracelets give a classy look to a man’s general personality.


Men are quite fashion conscious and desire to stay updated with their style. One of the coolest ways for men to make their unique style statements is by wearing such amazing hand bracelets. A man’s personality can be enhanced by wearing such bracelets with new styles, look and designs!