12 Health Benefits Of Osmanthus Tea

Osmanthus tea packs many health benefits for the human body. Outlined below are 12 health benefits of the flavorful and sweet tea.


  1. It fights oxidative stress

A study published in the Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative medicine shows that Osmanthus flowers contain properties that reduce oxidative stress. The tea also contains mild sedative properties that help cool off/relax brain muscles. This also helps improve brain functions.


  1. Reduces stasis and phlegm

Another study published in the same journal also confirms that osmanthus tea reduces stasis and phlegm in animals. The process by which body fluids and blood slow down or stop moving is known as stasis.


  1. Treats various allergies

Osmanthus tea also contains properties that fight allergens naturally. These anti-allergenic properties help reduce chest/throat congestion and mucus production in inflamed lungs.


  1. Menstrual pain relief

Women who experience menstrual pains will also find osmanthus tea and online yoga training quite helpful. These healing properties also help treat diarrhea, stomach ache and indigestion. Sipping warm osmanthus tea can also help provide relief from intestinal diseases, bloating, gas, as well as improve digestion.


  1. Detoxing

Drinking osmanthus tea also improves the rate at which the body gets rid of toxic compounds and toxins. These detoxing properties also work in the liver and kidneys thus improving their efficiency. Osmanthus tea is also very popular in Chinese medicine and primarily as a cleansing agent.


  1. Fights free radicals

Another study on osmanthus tea published in the Functional Foods journal also reveals that osmanthus is a rich source of phenolic acid. Phenolic acid is a naturally occurring antioxidant that acts on free radicals eliminating them from the system. Free radicals are notorious for causing cell damage and cataracts, as well as cardiovascular conditions and chronic inflammation.  Having a diet rich in polyphenols helps improve cell longevity as well as reduce the risk of chronic diseases.


  1. Eliminates bad breath

Osmanthus tea can be used as mouthwash in the morning to prevent bad breath.


  1. Induces satiation

Osmanthus tea can be used in aromatherapy as a way to suppress appetite. Simply inhaling the sweet fragrances it produces lowers your appetite levels. This is because osmanthus tea contains properties that decrease the production of hunger hormones. This therefore curbs binge eating while making it possible for one to shed a few pounds in weight.


  1. Helps protect insulin-producing cells

Osmanthus flowers are rich in niacinamide (Vitamin B3). This is according to an article in the Journal of Natural Medicines.  Vitamin B3 is responsible for helping the body convert carbs into energy.  Researchers in the University of Maryland Medical Center also believe that niacinamide can help protect insulin-producing cells, and especially in type 1 diabetics


  1. Promotes eye and skin health

Osmanthus tea contains properties that help improve your eyesight while leaving the skin moisturized. Taking osmanthus tea regularly enhances your skin color and tone as well. For this reason, osmanthus essential oil is a key ingredient in popular skincare products.


  1. Rich in vital nutrients

The tea is a rich source of manganese, selenium, molybdenum, cobalt, trans-beta-carotene, trans-alpha-carotene, and neo-beta-carotene. These nutrients play many significant roles in the human body. Sipping a warm cup of osmanthus tea also helps prevent drowsiness and fatigue.


  1. Treat rheumatism

Osmanthus tea contains properties that prevent platelet aggregation and fight rheumatism as well. This is according to an article in the Journal of Functional Foods.


Pregnant women can also use osmanthus tea to treat various conditions. Although commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine, it’s advisable to seek a physician’s advice before using it during pregnancy.

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