Marketers have been continuously trying to find new ways to attract their target audience for businesses. Forms of advertisements have emerged over the years; from word of mouth to print ads, we now have the digital ads. 

Digital ads have many classifications, but one of the most common and effective ones is video animations. Marketers choose video animations because these have a certain appeal to the target audience that makes them aware of the company, the products, and the services being advertised. With the advent of affordable stock videos such as VideoBlocks,now even small businesses are getting into video ads.

However, creating these video animations for businesses can be tricky. After all, audience reception depends on the quality of the video you make, which is why the tool you use factors in a lot, too. Using a powerful and effective video animation tool is important, and if you’re planning on making one yourself, here are some of the best ones that can help you out with it.


  • GoAnimate (Vyond)


Making video animations has never been easier with GoAnimate(known as Vyond now). The software has a lot of features that enable the user to create video animations easily. Some of these are its drag and drop tool that allows users to select backgrounds without difficulty and add voice-overs to the characters in the video.


  • PowToon


PowToon is a video animation tool that has features fit for businesses. The software offers three packages, depending on the features you need. If you just want to use its basic features, you can do so without paying, as PowToon also offers free basic services. 


  • AVS Video Editor


With AVS Video Editor, you can edit your videos in more ways than you can imagine. 300 video effects are available at your disposal, and you can easily share your finished marketing videos in different ways and formats. Anyone can use it as well because it can function in various languages.


  • Animaker


If you want to create infographics, Animaker is the video animation tool for you. It allows businesses to create a two-minute video that has a great template and audio effects chosen from the wide selection Animaker has. 


  • Adobe Premiere Pro


        Adobe Premiere Pro is a paid video editing tool that offers the best video making and editing features not available in some free video animation tools. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers and supports tons of video formats.




        Renderforest has many tools that enable users to create and edit videos fit for various purposes such as promotions and invitations. The templates it supports are also customizable to suit the advertising needs of a business.


  • Animatron


Animatron helps businesses create animations for different purposes through its 2 platforms: Animation Wave and Animation Studio. Animation Wave is the right Animatron platform for you to use should you need to create and share videos on social media, while Animation Studio is the better fit if your purpose is to create explainer videos and video animations and banners.


  • Wideo


           Wideo is the video tool most people opt to use when they prefer a very easy interface. It is also known to effectively help its users with its templates great for social media campaigns and make videos for email campaigns. 


  • Viewbix


         To add links and CTA buttons quickly, you may want to use Viewbix. This video software prides itself on tools for easy sharing, analytics, interactive video creation, and insertion of the company logo.


  • Wirecast


          One of the things that separate Wirecast from other video animation tools is its ability to allow its users to broadcast their videos live and reach their target market. 


  • Windows Movie Maker


One of the oldest video makers out there is Windows Movie Maker. Despite being one of the firsts, it still remains to be one of the most effective and reliable video animation tools with its user-friendly options.


  • Explee


Explee is a cloud-based video animation tool that works on almost anything, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. It is known to be one of the software that can create business promotional videos.


  • Moovly


Moovly is popular for its ability to help its users create interactive videos. Users are also able to share these created and developed videos easily, making Moovly a very competitive video animation tool in the digital world. 


  • Google Web Designer


Google Web Designer is known to make HTML 5 designs that can be played on various devices. Moreover, businesses can create video animations more easily because it does not require any coding


  • Prezi


Prezi has become one of the video animation tool favorites, and for good reason. It has some of the easiest but effective tools for businesses to use, including its 3D effects on videos that help a lot with presentations.



These video animations tools are all different but similar at the same time. They’re all effective when it comes to creating the needed video for businesses, whether it be a rising company or a giant one.