You may not believe me if I tell you there are better ways of boosting your concentration and mental health besides those ones you find in the chemist. Nootropics are natural ways that will benefit your brain from all dimensions. They can actually boost brain functionality and at the same time maintain brain health. Most of these nootropics are present in supplements and are blended with other vitamins. Nowadays, you can find some of them in snacks and beverages, just like the energy drinks and protein bars of XiteYourMind. These healthy drinks and snacks are blended with powerful nootropics to boost energy while improving cognitive function. The 15 best Nootropics that are going to talk about here will boost memory, creativity, alertness, motivation, reduce stress and other mental problems and eventually impact your general cognitive function. To our older friends, they are likely to suppress the effects of age-related brain issues.

Fish oils

Let me start by mentioning something that everybody is aware of. Fish oils contain large amounts of Docosahexaenoic acid and EP acid. These are the two main types of omega-3 acids that positively affect your brain function.

Zilis UltraEdge

CBD oils also have also shown their ability to help in every aspect of mental acuity. Zilis UltraEdge, a product from Zilis Company is an organic alternative to all chemically induced drinks that is safe and clean to ingest. It gives your brain more energy and at the same time supports better cognitive functions. It is made using some mental enhancers such as Huprazine and citicoline. It is also water soluble for increased functionality and bioavailability. Learn more on Zilis Ultra Edge on Wicrr.


This is a naturally occurring compound that you will found in many energy drinks. Many people don’t use it as a brain supplement but there are ways it can help. The compound helps build healthy brain cell membranes. It also improves blood flow to the brain cells.


This is the main bioactive compound in Turmeric. It is actually the compound that gives turmeric its gold color. For many years, people have been using it for health reasons. It’s known to protect the brain by increasing the levels of serotonin and dopamine to reduce chances of depression and stress.


This is an antioxidant that is found in the skin of grapefruit, blackberry and raspberry. It is considered as one of the most effective compounds in increasing brain memory.


This natural stimulant is commonly found in dark chocolate, tea and coffee. As points out, coffee stimulates the central nervous system and the brain which makes you more alert.

Ginkgo Biloba

This herb is also a natural remedy that can boost your memory and protect the brain adequately. Many people have been taking this herb to boost their brain power. You can actually buy it and its products online or in a store.


Creatine is also a natural occurring substance that plays a vital role in energizing your brain. It’s found naturally in the human body but can also be sourced naturally to boost your brain function.

Bacopa Monnieri

This is a brain boosting supplement made from Bacopa Monnieri. Many people have been using it traditionally to improve brain function. You can buy this supplement online or in store.

Rhodiola Rosea

This is a supplement that has for many years been used in Chinese medicine. It’s a great option for those who want to improve their brain health. It reduces fatigue eventually boosting mental function.


This substance is likely to be found naturally in your brain. It is used in chemical reactions and will make compounds like fats and hormones. The same compound can be used to boost your brain function by simply reducing depression.

Vital Gold

This supplement is packed with special combinations of mineral salts, Omega-3 Fatty acids and other key ingredients including Ginseng. All of these can greatly help the brain in several ways. It can boost your memory and mood.

Vital Memory and concentration

This supplement is made from Ginkgo Biloba which is a traditional Chinese herb. It’s quite a great supplement for the overall health of your brain. It increases blood flow to the brain, memory and concentration.

Vital Maxi B

This is the best supplement to use when you are stressed. If your body gets deprived of some B-vitamins, you will be stressed and the brain will not work as needed. To make it work perfectly, you get Vital Max-B.


For those people looking for more mental energy, this is the best supplement to use. It is an amino acid that will greatly increase your physical energy and mental functionality.

American Ginseng

This is a classical Asian Herb that is now being used to boost your brain functions. This plant is almost the same as Asian Ginseng. It is very helpful in improving memory and concentration.