16 Korean Makeup Basics

When it comes to mastering the art of makeup, Korean beauty trends have been revolutionizing the way we think about cosmetics in recent years. From natural, dewy skin to ultra- defined brows and vibrant lip colors, Korean makeup looks have become increasingly popular with beauty enthusiasts all over the world. If you’re looking to get started on your own K-beauty journey, here are sixteen essential Korean makeup basics that will help take your look from average to extraordinary.

From perfecting a flawless complexion using BB creams and cushion compacts to nailing precise eyeliner techniques and getting creative with color correcting products, these 16 basics cover all of the essentials for creating beautiful Korean-inspired makeup looks at home. Whether you’re new to makeup or an experienced beauty guru, these basics will help you achieve full-on glamor – straight from Seoul!

1. BB Cream: The classic Korean base product that is available in any korean beauty store, BB cream comes in many shades and have a lightweight formula that’s perfect for achieving natural looking coverage.

2. Cushion Compacts: This cushion foundation provides the convenience of a compact with the lightness and dewiness of a cream product. It’s great for keeping your face looking naturally glowy all day long.

3. Eyeliner: When it comes to achieving defined eyes, nothing beats using eyeliner for adding definition and structure to your eye shape. Whether you’re a fan of liquid, gel or pen liner, make sure to keep it sharp and precise.

4. Color Correcting Products: Concealing dark circles and blemishes can be tricky – but color correcting products like primers and concealers help create an even base you can build your makeup on.

5. Mascaras: To get long eyelashes that flutter, don’t forget to add your favorite mascara for fullness and length.

6. Brow Pencils & Gels: Perfectly groomed brows are essential for any Korean look! Choose from a variety of colored brow pencils or gels to define and shape your eyebrows before adding highlights with a clear wax.

7. Lip Gloss & Tints: From glossy to matte, Korean makeup looks call for bold and bright lip colors! Lip tints are popular for their long-lasting color and shine – while gloss adds a hint of glamour with its sheer, shimmery finish.

8. Highlighters: Highlighting is key for creating a dewy complexion and adding gorgeous dimension to your face shape! Try using a cream or powder highlighter around the cheekbones, bridge of nose, cupid’s bow and forehead for maximum glow.

9. Multi-Purpose Palettes: For easy on-the-go touch ups, invest in multi-purpose palettes that come complete with a bronzer, blush and highlight. It’s the perfect way to get creative with your look and add some extra color to your face.

10. Eyeshadow Primer: To make sure your eyeshadows stay in place all day long, use an eyeshadow primer before applying any of your favorite shades.

11. Contour & Blush: For added definition, try using a contour powder or cream for accentuating the hollows of your cheeks and enhancing your bone structure. Then finish with a hint of blush for a natural flush of color!

12. Setting Powder: No makeup look is complete without setting it in place! Setting powder helps lock in foundation, concealer and contour – so don’t forget to use it after you’re done with your makeup application.

13. Lip Balm: Keep lips hydrated and nourished throughout the day by applying a lip balm or primer before lipstick. It will help keep color from fading, while protecting them from dryness.

14. Makeup Brushes & Sponges: For best results, always make sure to use good quality brushes and sponges when applying makeup. They will help achieve a seamless finish that looks professionally done!

15. Setting Spray: To set your look in place all day long, try using a setting spray for added hold and shine-free coverage.

16. Remover: Don’t forget to take off all of your makeup before going to bed! Choose a gentle remover that won’t irritate the skin and will leave your face feeling clean and refreshed.

By mastering these 16 Korean beauty basics, you’re sure to be on your way to creating gorgeous looks inspired by the hottest trends from Seoul! With practice and patience, you can take any look from average to extraordinary – so don’t be afraid to experiment with different shades and techniques until you find what works for you. Happy makeup-ing!

Korean Beauty Icons To Follow

CL – One of the most popular K-Beauty Icons, CL brings her signature bold makeup vibes to the table with her unique and colorful looks. From bright eyeshadows to daring lipsticks, CL is an expert at creating looks that are both flattering and fashionable.

Sandara Park – An iconic singer and actress in Korea, Sandara Park is well-known for her angelic skin and youthful makeup style. She often opts for light, dewy coverage and natural-looking eye makeup – making her a great source of inspiration for everyday looks.

Song Hye-kyo – Song Hye-kyo’s makeup is always on point, with her trademark look featuring soft pinks and a glowing complexion. She often rocks subtle smoky eyes and glossy lips – perfect for achieving an easy yet glamorous night out look.

Gong Hyo-jin – Gongo-jin’s makeup style is all about subtle beauty. She often opts for light coverage and barely-there eyeshadows – perfect for achieving an effortless no-makeup look that still looks polished and put together.

IU – IU is well known for her chic, romantic makeup looks complete with natural colors, soft contours and a dewy finish. Her makeup style is both timeless and modern – making her an excellent source of inspiration for any occasion!

Jung Ryeo Won – This actress’s makeup look features natural colors, light coverage and groomed brows that make her look ready for the red carpet at all times. She often accents with a bold lip color for a touch of glamour.

Suzy Bae – Suzy’s makeup style is all about subtle glamour and effortless beauty. She often opts for light blush, natural eyeshadows and glossy lips – perfect for achieving that “Korean glow” in no time!

Korean beauty is all about enhancing your natural features and creating looks that are uniquely you. Whether you’re a fan of bold colors, soft contours or bare-faced glamour – Korean beauty has something to offer for everyone. So why not try out these 16 essentials and give the hottest trends from Seoul a whirl? You never know what kind of look you might create!

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