I am sure one name must have definitely come to your mind when you read this topic. But besides that as well, there were many TV shows which won hearts of millions and are still doing so.


Everybody might not have seen every show of 90s, but we would strongly request you to see the below mentioned shows definitely. They have been some of the best rated shows of all time. And many shows which are made today, still lag behind in competition to these amazing 90s shows.


Let’s have a look at the shows which have been extremely famous all over the world.



We really cannot start our list from any other show besides Friends. The cast of 6 friends in the show won our hearts so deeply, that people today still watch the TV series on repeat. Many people even cry every time they see the ending of the show, just because they never wanted the season to end.


Due to its mass appealing title – Friends, every person child or adult, enjoyed watching this show. It resonated well with almost every person no matter the age. Because, let’s agree to this, the whole theme was FRIENDS!


The huge success of Friends has been a constant reminder that the TV series don’t have much to do with the storyline. All they need is a good cast and they will be hit.



Surprisingly, this show was about nothing!


People enjoy watching the reruns of the show, simply because there is no storyline. Every episode is a story in itself, and is full of comedy too.


Due to its huge popularity, some of the actors today like Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, Michael Richards, etc. are worth millions. The only fact that this show still enjoys syndication despite ending 2 decades ago, proves how popular this show is with the people.


Humorous plots, non existent love triangles, etc. were the major poles of this sitcom.


The Simpsons

Although a cartoon show, but this Simpsons family managed to win hearts of many people. The fact that currently the show is in its 30th season, and is still ongoing shows how much it is popular all over the world.


The best and strangest fact is that most of the people who enjoy this show today, being the adults, were not even born when this show began. Overall, people are loving this show, hence it is still running smoothly all over the world.


These were 3 of the most popular shows which people enjoy today as well. Although there are more than 50 shows of 90s which people watch, but only few of them are reminisced and enjoyed by everybody.


And these were those few of the golden sitcoms.