2019 Fashion Trends for Women (6 trends to follow)

Summer is on its way and that means it’s time to gather a new summer wardrobe. You will probably have gone through your summer wardrobe of 2018 at the end of last summer and got rid of the shirts and trousers that won’t be able to survive another summer. That means you have room for some new fashionable summer outfits. Shopping for clothes is fun and you can read reviews of Gamiss and Jane’s Road here. But what kind of fashion should you look for if you want to be stylish?


Animal Prints

The animal prints are back and can be found in any type of clothing. These bold and wild prints are seen on jackets, trousers, dresses, shirts and jumpsuits. Even accessories such as bags, hats and shoes are not forgotten. It is, however, a type of pattern that not everyone can pull off. Leopard prints are favourite and you will be seeing it a lot on the street. We advise you not to overdo it. A whole outfit in tiger print might be a bit too much, but a touch of print gives you a playful look.



Shorts come back every year and there is a reason for that: shorts are comfortable, breezy and not too hot. The cycling shorts are gone and this year. they are replaced by micro or knee length. The expectations are that shorts will even be more popular than previous years – and more popular than skirts – because this year is the year for sensibility and practicality. Therefore, there is a demand for a more boyish option. 


Boiler Suits

New on the catwalk are boiler suits. Jumpsuits were already quite popular, but the boiler suit takes a front row this year. Just as the jumpsuit, they were designed as protective clothes for manual labour but became a fashionable item. There are available in many cuts and colours, so chances are that you will find one that suits your figure and you as a person. Pastels, khaki, off-light brown, white, beige, anything is possible. Lavender is trending, so expect to see some boiler suits in this colour as well. 


Rain Coats

Even though it’s summer, that doesn’t mean you can count on sunshine 24/7. Therefore, designers also include a range of waterproof clothes. Raincoats this year are oversized and made of shiny fabrics. 


Shirts and Puffs

Puffed shoulders have been away for quite some time. Now, they are back again and won’t be going anywhere this summer. So if you’re a fan of the ’80s, this might be your year. The puffed sleeves have been given a new twist. They are large, long and light. 



There are two kinds of hats that will be seen all around you. One of them is the oversized hat that won’t ruin your hairstyle when it’s raining. The other version is a bucket hat that stems from the ’90s. So again, a retro item is back in style. They can be trimmed or adjusted with a logo.


There are more fashion trends that will appear, but these six trends will get you started.