24 Hour Doctors that do home visits even on public holidays

Doctors really are an important part of our lives now, aren’t they? No matter how much you light fear needles or want to avoid taking medicines, you end up visiting the doctor when in dire need or during unexpected times. That is exactly what Radio Doctor is all about, being there for you whenever you need a doctor. Radio Doctor is a service that is available for you after hours and is there for you in case you need it at unexpected times.  Let’s get to know more about Radio Doctor!


What is Radio Doctor?

Radio Doctor came into being in Illawarra in around 1974 after six GPs that belonged to the area met and discussed about providing healthcare services that was especially for after hours for patients that may be in need. The service originally started with a few doctors, but it has expanded to include almost 280 doctors to make the service available for patients all through the week. The service is offered all around the year starting from Seacliff Bridge to Shell Cove; north to south.

Radio Doctor is a not-for-profit organization that is owned by locals from areas near Wollongong and Shellharbour. The organization has been approved by Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited (AGPAL), which means that the services they offer meet the national standards that have been set for the quality or healthcare and also the services that they make available to the customers. The organization is also recognized by Accredited Medical Deputising Service and is a full-time member of National Association for Medical Deputising Services. These memberships and recognitions clearly make Radio Doctor a service that you can trust and can rely on. Radio Doctor provides after hours services that are the best in town and it takes pride in doing so.

Radio Doctor provides diagnosis and treatment for medical issues that require attention outside normal medical hours. It doesn’t check patients that are there for routine checkups as Radio Doctor doesn’t act as your standard GP. In case you have a serious disease or even an injury, you will be directed to the nearest hospital as Radio Doctor doesn’t deal with emergencies. At Radio Doctor, there is no appointment system, but the calls that are received are prioritized accordingly to some factors that include the reason they are asked for and also the geographical area of the customer. Radio Doctor is determined to serve its customers and aim to reach as many customers as possible within the time limit allotted. The organization tries its best to make itself available within two hours at most when they are called upon as there is no appointment system. Radio Doctor visits a number of places that can range from homes of the patients to old age facilities. A lot of times students call upon the doctors of Radio Doctor when they are needed.

The fact that makes Radio Doctor stand out and maintain its position among its customers is its team of doctors. The dedication of these doctors is the backbone of Radio Doctor. The operating hours may be difficult and even tiresome for the doctors at times, but they are committed to their job. The doctors are not only available on weekend, but they are also there to serve you on public holidays. And that too for 24 hours! Christmas and New Year’s holidays are the times of rush at Radio Doctor. The doctors of Radio Doctor are on duty for 24 hours even on these holidays. The service might be a bit delayed, but you will be catered as that is what Radio Doctor aims on doing.


Why should you choose Radio Doctor?

There are numerous reasons why you should choose Radio Doctor over other similar home doctors. The most important thing is that Radio Doctor has a dedicated and committed team of doctors that are on call even on public holidays. They work together to make your lives better! On public holidays, like Christmas and New Year, they are not celebrating with their families, rather they are working for Radio Doctor. A committed team will definitely provide you with matchless services.

Moreover, availing Radio Doctor’s services will present you from paying repetitive to the emergency department and will save you a lot of hassle. What else is better than the doctor visiting you instead? The best part about Radio Doctor is that its services are even available on public holidays for 24 hours, in case you are in need of a doctor. A lot of hospitals and clinics don’t offer their services or are closed on public holidays. The doctor is on call even on public holidays! Radio Doctor solves your problem altogether! Apart from that, Radio Doctor will make follow up reports for you with your regular GP, in case that it required. It is not-for-profit organization that aims to provide its customers with the best of services and makes its staff available even on public holidays. The service of Radio Doctor is now geographically expanded as well to serve more and more people.


The services at Radio Doctor

Radio Doctor has a team of qualified and experienced doctor. The doctor on call, be it a public holiday, will diagnose you and write you a prescription in case it cannot be delayed until your doctor is available. There may be cases where the medicine has to be prescribed to the patient and there cannot be any time lag. Radio Doctor started because the people behind it strongly believed that the health of a person is a crucial matter and if a patient needs urgent treatment, he or she shouldn’t have to suffer just because the clinic cannot stay open on a public holiday. The report that will be drafted by Radio Doctor will be sent to your doctor as soon as possible so he or she can catch up on the progress of your treatment. Radio Doctor provides its services to all, from homes to old age homes.


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