When it comes to formal education, having no face-to-face classes is a bit difficult. Especially when you are starting a transition to an online platform. Nowadays, educators and students use online learning as a substitute for traditional learning. Although it’s not easy, we don’t have a better choice at the moment. With online learning, one file format that is often used due to it being easy to share and print, the PDF.

PDF is a simple compressed file format developed by adobe. And sometimes, we encounter problems when using this type of format. One particular problem is having multiple PDF files and combining them into one single file. Combining it into one single file makes it more convenient to the reader as to the sender and makes the exchange simpler and easy to access. In this article, we will be focusing on merging pdf files into one single file.

 1. Online Tool Websites

In combining PDF files, one method usually used by students and teachers is online tool websites. A simple and easy way to merge pdf free of charge. Their other services are also free except for some features, you can avail by making a payment. And here are the steps in combining your files online:

Step 1: Using your web browser, access the tool website of your choice to convert your file.

Step 2: Upload your files by clicking the button in the center of the page. In doing this, it opens a tab where you can locate your files.

Step 3: Locate your files using the tab opened and click Open.

Step 4: Arrange the sequence of your files and click Combine/Join Files.

Step 5:  Wait for the site to analyze and combine your files.

Step 6: Download your combined file.


2. Using tool or utility Applications

Nowadays, there are a lot of software developers that produce diverse applications. One type of these applications is utility tools which help users to complete certain tasks on their computers. Combining multiple PDF files into one file is a part of these application’s features.

Since there are a lot of applications that have this feature, we are going to focus on using the Adobe Acrobat tool since they are the ones who introduced the PDF file to the world. And without further ado let us dive into the steps needed to combine files in Adobe Acrobat.

Step 1: Open the application, Adobe Acrobat DC

Step 2: Click Tools located in the second tab at the top part of the page to display PDF creation tools.

Step 3: Click the Combine Files option. It is the second option of the Tools page.

Step 4: Click Add Files and locate the files needed for the combination. You can also drag the files needed to the space in the center to add the files.

Step 5: After selecting and arranging the files. Click Combine.

Step 6: In the upper left part of the page. Click File and select the Save as Option.

Step 7: Choose a file name for your file and designate the place where you will save it.

Step 8: Click Save. It is located in the lower right part of the Save window. This will save your Combined PDF to the designated location.


3. Using Mac

If using the internet is not an option, one method you can use is using a default program on Mac. Since not all operating systems are the same, some programs may work on the other but not on the other one. One good example of this is Windows and Mac. Even though they are different, they have both applications that can be used to combine PDF files. In combining PDF files in a Mac here are the steps needed:

Step 1: Open the Finder application. You can find this application in your Mac’s dock which is located at the bottom of your screen. Finder application is used to browse files and folders on your Mac.

Step 2: Go to the location of your PDF files and access them. It is advised to create a separate folder and store the files you want to combine.

Step 3: Using Preview, open the first file you are going to merge. To achieve this, Right-click the PDF file. Click Open with and click the Preview Option.

Step 4: Click View located at the upper part of the page. And Select Thumbnails. Selecting this option would prompt a window pop out located at the left side of the Preview window.

Step 5: Select and drag the PDF files to the list of thumbnails. You can also arrange the sequence of the PDF files to your liking.

Step 6: Click File located at the upper right part of the page, then select the Export as PDF option.

Step 7:  A window will appear. You can input the title of the file and designate the location where you want to save it.

Step 8: Click Save which is located at the lower right part of the window.

  • In combining or merging PDF files, we recommend preparing the files and saving them in a separate folder, preferably the desktop. This way, you can easily access the files and use them in the preferred conversion method.
  • It is best to keep a copy of the sequence of your file names. It can help you in determining the arrangement of your files when you are going to combine them.
  • And lastly, check the files for errors. Files without errors can project professionalism on your part and high-quality work for the output.



The use of PDF has become very common even before the pandemic started. Now that we are in it, the use of this format went beyond. But the use of this format has its fair share of difficulty when it comes to using it such as combining multiple PDF files.

Using the methods above, this article guarantees a more efficient and simple way of combining PDF files into one. Although some of the methods are a bit complicated, with regular use, it can ease the process. The important thing is to choose the best method suited for you.