When businesses are creating content for their websites, sometimes the About Us page becomes an afterthought, containing brief information on address opening hours and a perhaps couple of cursory lines on company history.

But this much maligned page actually presents a golden opportunity to connect with customers on a human level, differentiate your brand and leverage your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

According to an Accenture report on purpose-led brands, 51 per cent of UK consumers are influenced to buy a brand by the words, actions, values and beliefs of a company’s leaders, and the About Us page is the perfect place to articulate these.

With that in mind, here are three examples of amazing About Us website pages – bear them in mind the next time you’re refreshing your website content.

  1. MadeBrave

In branding, doing things a little differently can become your calling card – and Glasgow-based creative agency MadeBrave exemplifies this approach in everything they do, from placing a real life bus in a box like an oversized toy to using stunning design and photography to make the website of Scotland’s oldest whisky look sultry and seductive.

Their website About Us page effectively emphasizes their rebellious ethos – from the lively header photo that references a host of pop culture characters to the copy that explains their dedication to finding a creative angle for every brand and continually pushing the edgy envelope in everything they do. Read more.

  1. Innocent

If tasty drinks with fresh ingredients and trendy packaging float your boat, you’ve probably heard of Innocent drinks – the firm has been around for more than 20 years and is favoured by everyone from busy househusbands to fierce female executives.

And if you read the Innocent story on their website, you’ll find that it perfectly projects their positioning as a brand that’s simple and straightforward yet pioneering and optimistic.The founders took the plunge to full-time entrepreneurship after selling smoothies at a music festival when they asked customers to vote on whether they should give up their day jobs by placing empty cups in a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ bin.

  1. Ormiston Wire

Specialist braid manufacturer Ormiston Wire has turned its wire products to a plethora of unique and unusual bespoke applications – in everything from electrified moths suspended above Old Spitalfields Market to suspension systems for Thunderbirds puppets and trip wire used in military training.

For this type of niche company, trust and tradition play an important part in establishing loyal customer relationships – so its website About Us page spells out these qualities in no uncertain terms by deftly describing a creation story that begins way back in 1793 when savvy founder James Ormiston started selling wire springs for wigs and corsets to London’s theatrical community.

These three diverse and disparate companies have one thing in common – they’ve capitalized on the opportunity an About Us page offers to position their brands precisely and effectively.

So ends our list, but please share your brilliant About Us website page examples in the comments section!