One thing is for sure: emojis make our conversations more fun. There is no better way of telling the people that you care about by using emojis. Nothing says “I care for you” and “eat your vegetables” with the use of the eggplant emoji. There are limitless to express yourself and your emotions through the use of emojis.

In terms of emoji apps, you should get the one that makes your emoji use a little easier. You would not want an emoji app causing a ton of discomfort and hassle for you. There are emoji apps that even have bonus features. Use these emoji apps in your messaging, chat, and even social media platforms.

Emoji apps can be a useful tool to help others understand your emotions. You can find that almost all of the emojis that these apps have are quite easy to use. Download these emoji keyboard apps and use all of your go-to and favorite emojis.


BitMoji is the perfect emoji app for those who like to personalize their emojis. Anyone using BitMoji will find that they can use themselves as the emoji. Of course, any user will get to see themselves become the heart eyes emoji and many more. Now you get to use yourself as your very own emoji finally.

It is no secret that the best thing about BitMoji is avatar creation. The personalization features in this emoji app are something to marvel at. You can easily change your facial features, put on makeup, and even customize your outfits. BitMoji has a lot of sponsors, so expect a lot of designer clothes custom options.

You can convey your emotions clearly by sending your friends an emoji of yourself. It does not matter what situation you are looking at. You will find that your personalized avatar will take on the different emojis for your emoji use. Do not be afraid and send whoever you are texting a bunch of emojis that look exactly like you!

SMS Rage Faces

SMS Rage Faces is the perfect emoji app to use to convey whatever emotion you are feeling. Rage face is something that showed up around the late 2000s. Express any feeling that you have, which involves a “rage face” with SMS Rage Faces.

The best feature of SMS Rage Faces is that it has a wide variety of funny stickers. You can easily copy and paste these stickers into any field. SMS Rage Faces is compatible with any messaging apps and social media platform. Use SMS Rage Faces to become the person with the funniest emojis and stickers in the group chat!

You can reply with the funniest memes with SMS Rage Faces. You can stand out and use memes to describe your emotions. It can almost feel like words are not needed anymore. Memes can be the perfect substitute for words.

Line Emoji Keyboard

LINE is a popular messaging app that involves social networking with a cute twist. LINE is not only a messaging app, but it is also an emoji app. Yes, you can use all of your favorite emojis in this messaging app.

LINE’s emoji features function more than an add-on. You can use this emoji keyboard app on any text field on your screen. If you are familiar with LINE, you will see some of the famous characters that you can use in your conversation.

This emoji keyboard app is the perfect emoji app to be adorable and cute. Express any emotions of yours through the cute characters that are available. Your messages and conversations have never been this cute, bubbly, and sugary before!


Emojis are a great tool to describe your emotions in conversations. Sometimes, you do not even need a bunch of words to express a feeling. You only need a particular emojis for the other person to know what you are talking about. All of these emojis are available in these emoji keyboard apps.

There are a lot of emoji apps out there, but you pick the best one. You must select the emoji keyboard app that can provide for your messaging needs. Personalize and be creative in your conversations with the use of these emoji keyboard apps!