With the current coronavirus pandemic affecting markets in the United States, and around the world, many businesses have faced a dramatic loss in sales and have seen multiple clients need to quit.

While it is true that the market is not in a great space at the moment, if you’re a business owner, try to use this time period to really hone in on some of your marketing messaging. A slower period of work allows for you to focus on marketing solutions when the lockdowns from the pandemic begin to ease up.


Spread Brand Awareness

This is the perfect moment for you to be building on your brand and subtly reaching out to new customers.  While you won’t see the benefits of this marketing solution at the onset, as the economy begins to uptick you’ll certainly reap the rewards.

One of the top ways that you can reach people at the moment is through social media. With so many people being at home right now, most social media sites have seen a large uptick in activity. You can take advantage of this through posting things that are relevant to your company and your clients. Doing this will allow you to further build your base of followers across multiple social media sites.

If your business isn’t on any social media sites at the moment, consider starting a page or a feed for one of them now. You could be missing our on potential customers if your potential audience can’t locate you on a digital platform.


Update Your Website

Another fantastic marketing solution during this time period is to look over your website. What are some potential changes that you’ve been meaning to put into place forever, but have been continuously putting off? Are there old events on your website that should be deleted now?

If your website hasn’t seen a facelift in a while, you could also start making a list of pain points. Consider your customer’s journey and what might stop them from completing the buying process.

A couple of things to consider:

  • How many clicks does it take for a customer to make it to the end of the buying funnel?
  • Do you have multiple calls to action on the site?
  • Is it simple to fill out a form?

When looking to make changes to your site, take a look at each of these items and see where you could make it simpler for your potential customers to provide their information to you.


Reassure Your Audiences

Right now, uncertainty is at an all time high in the economy. People are uncertain about spending their money and people are unsure about being safe if they go out to shop.

To help assuage people’s worries, put a note on your website about how your business is keeping people safe during this pandemic. Assure your customer’s that your workers are not at risk. If you’re a company where a majority of people are working from home, then assure your customers that you’re still going to be providing them with the customer service they’ve always loved receiving from your company.

The economy is currently in hard times, but by following a couple of these marketing solutions your company will be ready to hit the ground running when the economy begins to improve.