When it comes to ceiling tiles, there are many different types of options available. The ceiling is the largest expanse in the house. It can be tiled, dropped, vaulted, aggregate, or plastered for functional or aesthetic functional reasons. If you are considering upgrading the ceiling and are looking for ceiling tiles, the following options are available.

  1. Acoustical Ceiling Tiles

Soundproof the roof by using acoustical ceiling tiles. They tend to be made of fibreglass and can be installed through a drop-ceiling method. It means that there would be a need for metal strapping to be installed first. Then, the tiles would be either hung or dropped from the straps. Even though there are some brands which allow the tiles to be snapped together without any straps, there is generally a need for acoustical ceiling panels to be installed. Make sure to hire a professional to get the job done.

Moreover, acoustical ceiling tiles are commonly used for insulation due to the fact that the same materials which help soundproof the space also insulate it thermally. It is possible for the tiles to also help lower your cooling and heating costs. Keep in mind that the tiles are sold by the box which means that it can be costly to use them. However, they are definitely worth the cost.

  1. Plastic Ceiling Tiles

Another popular type of tiles that you can get is plastic ceiling tiles. They tend to be more affordable and lightweight. A great thing about plastic tiles is that they come embossed in various patterns including wreaths, flowers, and repeated designs. They also offer a three-dimensional, geometric appearance to your ceiling. The reason why plastic ceiling tiles have become incredibly popular in recent times is because of the fact that they are very easy for just about anyone to install. You can simply drop them in and nail them up on the ceiling. Besides, there is no need to worry about dinging or denting the tiles. You can even paint them to give them the desired finishing. A panel will cost you anywhere from $1 to $10. This makes plastic ceiling tiles the most cost-effective option out there.

  1. Tin Ceiling Tiles

Tin ceiling tiles are easily one of the most popular types of ceiling tiles. They are simply breathtakingly gorgeous. Transform the way your home looks by opting for these ceiling tiles. You will not be disappointed by your decision. The majority of tin ceiling tiles tend to be made of brass, copper, or aluminium. They need to be nailed to the ceiling in order to be installed. Their edges have to overlap each panel. The designs available include geometric patterns, vines, flowers, and scrolls. Unlike plastic tiles which are easy to install, tin ceiling tiles are quite difficult to install. Hence, it is best that you hire an expert to help you out.



Now that you know about the different types of ceiling tiles in the market, you can choose the ones that suit you best.