33 original activities to do in a cinema

Cinemas in the UK are a great way to enjoy a night out or an afternoon of entertainment. From mainstream releases to art house films and nostalgia screenings, there’s something for everyone at one of the many cinemas dotted around the country. Whether you’re looking for comfort and convenience or a truly unique experience, UK cinemas have it all. But don’t just stop at watching movies – they also offer plenty of original activities. So stop procrastinating and hire a cinema !


Here is a list of original activities to do in cinemas:

1. Host a sing-along movie night – Give guests the chance to belt out their favorite songs from some of their favorite films!

2. Re-enact a classic scene – Get into character and live through your favorite movie moments with friends!

3. Play bingo – Create custom bingo cards featuring characters, scenes, lines or other details from movies you’re watching.

4. Take part in an impromptu film festival – Invite friends to collaborate on making short films and then show them in the theater as part of an evening of entertainment.

5. Turn it into a game night – Compete against each other in trivia games based on films or use one of the classics as inspiration for playing charades.

6. Create a movie-inspired meal – Enjoy a themed potluck dinner before or after the movie in which each guest brings something from their favorite film to share.

7. Have a pijama party – Get comfy and grab some popcorn for an evening of watching movies in your PJs!

8. Hold a dress-up contest – Ask guests to come dressed as characters from their favorite films, then award prizes for the best costumes!

9. Make it into an awards show – Vote on categories like “Best Dressed” or “Funniest Scene” and turn the night into mini Oscars celebration!

10. Host a silent movie night – Enjoy classic films with friends in a unique way by challenging each other to interpret the story without sound.

11. Hold an interactive viewing – Get creative and add additional elements such as props, music or even food that correlate with the film being shown.

12. Play movie-inspired games – Gamify your night out at the movies with trivia focused on films playing or ones you’ve seen before.

13. Make it into a marathon – Watch one of your favorite franchises from start to finish for an unforgettable evening!

14. Conduct autograph signings – Invite guest speakers who are related to the movie like actors, directors or producers, and have them sign posters or DVDs afterward as souvenirs.

15. Transform it into a karaoke night – Sing your heart out with friends to some of the most iconic songs featured in films!

16. Plan a themed night – Choose a movie genre such as romance, comedy or thriller and make it an evening dedicated to that type of film.

17. Hold a costume party – Invite guests to dress up as their favorite characters and enjoy the show together!

18. Participate in a “guess the line” game – Compete against each other to see who can guess lines from famous movies before they come up on screen!

19. Have an afterparty – Keep the fun going by hosting drinks or snacks for everyone afterwards at a nearby spot.

20. Put together a movie-themed scavenger hunt – Gather clues from the theater and see who can solve the mystery first!

21. Take part in a movie quiz – Test your knowledge of film with a trivia game to make your night out even more exciting!

22. Transform it into an art gallery – Ask friends to bring in artwork inspired by movies they love, then hang them up on the walls for everyone to enjoy.

23. Create your own awards show – Get creative and come up with categories such as “Most Emotional Scene” or “Coolest Villain” for your very own award ceremony!

24. Set up a photo booth – Let guests take photos of themselves as their favorite characters and keep the memories forever.

25. Play a game of movie tag – Split into teams and see who can identify the most movies from just one scene or quote!

26. Go on a movie-themed adventure – Follow a trail of clues in search of hidden gems related to films you’ve seen before, like places they were filmed or props used in them.

27. Have a popcorn party – Enjoy some popcorn while watching your favorite flicks with friends for an unforgettable evening!

28. Decorate the theater – Get creative and transform the space into something special with décor inspired by movies you love!

29. Set up themed activities – Organize activities like karaoke, trivia, or costume contests around the movie to make it an even more memorable evening.

30. Host a sing-along – Choose a musical film and create a fun atmosphere by singing along with your favorite tunes!

31. Have a themed dinner – Enjoy dinner inspired by the movie you’re watching for an immersive experience that will get everyone in the mood for the show!

32. Play dress up – Ask guests to come dressed up as their favorite characters from movies and take pictures throughout the night!

33. Make it into a game night – Play various board games related to films such as “Movie Trivia” or “Name That Movie” and enjoy some friendly competition with friends!



Overall, a movie night can be an enjoyable experience for everyone when planned correctly. With these creative ideas, you’re sure to make it an unforgettable evening that everyone will talk about for days! So get ready to pop some popcorn, gather your friends and have a great time!

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