With the current COVID-19 situation, people are scared to visit crowded hospitals.

There are high chances to get infected even with all the precautions.

Doctors and medical staff need to wear protective gear, shields, masks, etc.

What if I tell you that you don’t have to wait long in hospital queues if you use a medical kiosk?

Feeling relaxed, right?

Medical kiosks are becoming an essential part of hospitals now.

They not only save time but even make the billing easier and faster.

In this article, I will tell you what are medical kiosks and five benefits of medical kiosks.

Let’s find out.

What is Medical Kiosk?

Medical Kiosks are computerized and interactive kiosks that provide patient check-in, diagnostic, or billing services in a hospital. The medical kiosks are mostly unstaffed and based on self-service. They require monthly maintenance and all the data is synced and stored safely.

4 Benefits of Medical Kiosk

1.   Cost Reduction

Self-service medical kiosks are a blessing for hospitals as they reduce the costs of paperwork. Also, it is relatively easy to search for information regarding a particular patient. Nurses’ workload is reduced as they spend less time doing administrative duties and can give more time to patients’ care.

It reduces costs in terms of labor too. The hospital does not need to hire a receptionist to manually check-in patients once the medical self-service kiosks are installed.

2.   Patient waiting time is reduced

With the help of medical kiosks, patients don’t have to stand in queue for hours. Already registered patients can either enter their unique ID or swipe their medical card to make the process faster. And new patients can quickly register themselves on kiosks only. They don’t need to fill out paperwork and can easily enter their details in an easy-to-operate digitized system.

3.   Fewer data errors

Medical kiosks help in reducing the data errors incurred by administrative staff. Patients can fill their details on their own directly into the system which is essential in case of emergencies etc. Chances of duplication of medical records are also minimal.

4.   Up-to-date patient data

Patients are automatically prompted to confirm or update their personal information in the database through kiosk. This saves reception staff time and also keeps patient data more up-to-date.

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