Everyone wants their luggage to last forever, but that is not always the case. It will happen sometimes that a problem will come up with that seemingly invincible luggage of yours, and that might almost earn it a trip to the attic.

So that this doesn’t become an issue you have to deal with, we have curated some of the common luggage accessories problems you should look out for.


1. Damaged Wheels

Wheels make luggage handling much better, but at some points, they fail.

It could be that your wheel hit something, got mishandled in storage… or anything else. That moment when the wheel breaks, especially in the corner/ edges, it is almost like the end of the world for that piece of suitcase.

A great way to counter this problem is buying suitcases with detachable and replaceable wheels. For better service, ensure you buy stronger and better replacement wheels from a trusted brand. A case in point is Sunsen, one of the leading wheel suppliers in China. Sunsen Suitcase Spinner Wheels is top of the notch and gains favor with global buyers. The material used to make it is engineering plastic PP material, which shows light quality, shock resistance, pressure resistance, and moisture resistance. Also, PU and PA material are used in the wheel, which is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, wear-resistant, and noise reduction. In addition, the use of bimetal bearing considerably reduces friction, thus extend the service life.

2. Damaged Handles

Besides the wheels, handles are yet another piece of luggage accessory which could get damaged in no time. Anything from forcefully yanking the handle up, clamping it down with force or just a stroke of mis-luck could cause them to misbehave.

In many cases where handles are yanked off, it becomes almost impossible to replace them.

The first bit of advice here is that you don’t let your suitcase handle get damaged at all. This can be ensured with proper handling, and choosing your luggage from a trusted manufacturer too. Fortunately, Sunsen also provides a full range of replacement briefcase handles from which you can undoubtedly find the most suited one for your luggage.

If that does happen, though, see if you can purchase a replacement handle to make things better.


3. Cracked Shells

One thing that should not be a problem is cracked shells, but unfortunately, we see it around many times these days.

Getting a hard-shell luggage is a no-brainer for anyone interested in protecting their valuables. However, some companies opt for making use of cheap plastics to create these hard shells. In these cases, the shells could even get cracked on the first use.

The solution to this problem is almost self-explanatory: only buy from a reputable brand that won’t cut corners. Of course, you might have to spend more, but you also get a premium piece of luggage that stands the test of time, withstanding abuse in the process.

4. Zippers

Perhaps the most frustrating thing that can happen with a luggage is getting one with a poor zipper.

You can still carry a luggage with broken handle or wheels any other way. In fact, a cracked shell doesn’t totally stop the suitcase from performing its basic functions. However, the simple zipper can seriously ruin the experience for you.

Shoddy zippers will leave you with spilled luggage – and that can happen anywhere. In storage or on transit, that could lead to the loss of some contents of your luggage. That, and we have not mentioned the extra stress in having to carry (much less cradle) the luggage so that it doesn’t spill more than it already has.

Again, the point we made above just works here too – always buy from trusted brands, and trusted brands alone.