There are many popular live stream platforms such as Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, and more. However, Twitch is one of the best you can use to implement your marketing. 

Twitch is a popular platform for the gaming community. It attracts a huge number of viewers online every day. Unfortunately, not many brands have taken a step to market their business on Twitch. Some are not aware of the great benefits of this platform. 

To create a bigger community for your brand, you may also want to branch out into other social media platforms. Some live streamers augment their marketing by podcasting—which is highly effective, especially if they buy Spotify streams for their podcasts. In anycase, Twitch is the ideal platform for live streaming, let us explore further to learn about the platform. 


What is Twitch?

Twitch is an online social platform majoring in video content. However, it has become popular in the gaming community. The platform allows you to watch your favorite streamers and celebrities during game playtime and interact with them in real-time. 

Twitch is like YouTube. Those people streaming content live are as engaging as those on YouTube. In fact, some content creators and streamers produce their videos on both platforms. 


Why should I market my business on a gaming site? 

Perhaps, you are wondering why you consider a gaming platform to market your product. Remember that, similar to other communities; the gaming community is also diverse. But the significant difference you will come across is the overall medium. 

Remember, most people visit the platform because they are attracted to watch live gaming and other shows.

For most viewers, it is not about watching people play a game. They want to see the person playing that specific game. That’s because most game players are said to be entertaining, engaging, and insightful. So, we can say that the streamer’s personality will drive the audience to watch the game. 

In addition, Twitch will also utilize channels that are outside gaming. It could be a prominent reason for people to visit the site. Still, the topics and industries covered in this platform continue to expand and grow. 

With a diverse audience in Twitch, many brands are taking the opportunity to sell their brand to the community. 

Here is a reason why Twitch live streaming is essential for business: 


  • Massive Millennial Engagement 


Millennials have become the target audience, and many brands consider their potential. Most of these are influencers of the markets today. And the good thing is that millennials are the majority audience streaming via the platform. 

Today, this gaming platform has over 100 million active viewers. And it can be considered a third of the world population using Twitch. It may not be popular as other social media platforms, but the few will offer the same level of engagement when it comes to millennials. 

Unfortunately, the difference in the marketing perspective is a balance of gender. That’s because males are more than females. 

It means that a brand that will market its products to millennials will likely reach ROI after contracting Twitch influencers. 


  • Private Contracts 


People watching games on this platform also have their needs, like anyone else. However, most are susceptible to gaming equipment, mobile apps, and software. But they aren’t the only products advertised on the streaming platform. 

If you look at Achievement Hunter, it is a group of guys playing games. They are sponsored by Omaha Steaks, Blue Apron, and companies. If you look at these companies, none of them is in the gaming industry. But they regularly sponsor streamers. 

So, what is the need for these businesses to take the opportunity and advertise on their live stream? It is the same reason why most companies will throw their money on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube through influencer marketing. With the right social personality, you have the potential to make a significant impact on your sales and leads. 

The advantage is that consumers will likely trust your social media content than traditional ads. And that’s why you will find success using social influencers such as Twitch broadcasters. 


  • Pre-Roll Ads 


Twitch uses pre-rolls ads like YouTube does to its brands. And that means you will have nothing to worry about while using any Twitch streamer while marketing your brand. That’s because all streamers will start with pre-rolls ads, and streamers will set more throughout their live feed. 

Some top brands such as Apple, Netflix, Kellogg’s, and Nike are now prompted to advertise through this platform. And the reason is that the platform is closely monitored by the Twitch team; therefore, safe way to market. 

Unlike YouTube’s lackluster, that’s why many businesses will prefer this method’s performance when governing content. And therefore, less likely for your ad to show before an offensive video material. 

However, that will not mean there are no users who share offensive material and abuse the system. But it is fairly strict, and it is the reason it is more efficient than using YouTube. 


  • Worldwide Market 


Twitch is a great platform where you can find a variety of games and players across the world. So, you have access to a large number of users across the world. Despite not having a massive appeal like other platforms such as YouTube, average users also spend enough time watching content globally. 

However, this will only benefit those searching for the global market. You can still find a great fit influencer who can help you push your brand locally across thousands of users in your location. 

Any time, you will be able to reach a large number of viewers online. That is because there is an average of 622,000 viewers all the time. So, with a single ad and a good influencer, you will reach the target audience. 

In addition, you will find that bigger corporations have also invested in Twitch marketing. A global company like Apple will find value in a millennial audience. These companies aim at following the money, which makes Twitch a great platform for demonstrating constant growth. 



Twitch is a great platform where you can watch live streams. Besides that, you can take advantage of the tremendous growth of the audience to sell your brand. Influencers will bring great benefits to your brand.