4 Reasons Your YouTube Channel isn’t Making money

YouTube can be a tough challenge for many, but there is nothing worse than putting hundreds of hours into content and getting no revenue. In this short but helpful guide, we’ll look at some obvious and not so obvious reasons why your content isn’t generating any money to your wallet.


You’re creating the wrong content

With tools such as the YouTube revenue calculator, you can understand how much money you may make. But it’s not good if your content doesn’t fit your niche or simply misses the descriptions, titles, and thumbnails to entice people to watch your videos.

To understand if you’re making bad content, we recommend making a heap of videos in your niche. These should vary in length and format. So, if you’re only doing vlogs in your daily life, try creating a how-to video or a funny clip that’s 30 seconds long. With more testing, you’ll be able to see what type of content works for your niche, and then you can dig in deeper and own that niche and audience market.


You’re not utilising length

Whilst short videos for platforms such as TikTok are great, it’s well known that longer videos on platforms like YouTube are much better suited for revenue-generating. If you’re looking to make serious amounts of money and get sponsorships, then we’d recommend looking at vlogger channels that create content that’s 10-minutes to 1-hour long per video. Whilst this may seem rather long, a lot of this content is quite casual and doesn’t require that much editing; in fact, it’s mostly talking to the camera and ranting about a recent topic in the news or talking about their holiday experience in some lavish part of the world.


You’re not thinking of SEO

Whilst keywords aren’t vital to YouTube success. They certainly have an impact on the search engine. We recommend utilising the title with a descriptive and unique language and creating an in-depth overview in the YouTube description of the video. This will help you when it comes to the search part of YouTube. If someone is looking for a specific topic and you create videos on it, then mentioning it in your description should be a no-brainer.


Your not looking for sponsors

Sadly, not everyone can be sponsored straight away. But this doesn’t mean you can’t become an affiliate. Most companies such as Amazon have affiliate programmes that pretty much any creative YouTube could join and utilise for revenue. For example, if you’re making a video on the type of equipment you use for your videos, you can link to them with your Amazon affiliate link in the description, and every time someone visits that links and buys the equipment – you get paid.

And if you’re lucky enough to get sponsored, we recommend hiring a manager or an agent. Whilst they take their fees, they will manage negotiations that can help boost your revenue and partnership relationships. Your manager should be looking out for your needs and thus finding you new companies to create content with that will pay you a hefty sum of money simply for mentioning them or talking about their product.


Boosting your channel

When it comes to boosting your YouTube channel, buying views can be a powerful tool. This is because when people come across your channel they often look at the view count as an indication of how popular and successful you are. A high view count can be beneficial in terms of improving visibility and attracting more likes, comments, and subscribers.

Fortunately, there are plenty of websites that offer YouTube views for sale. One such website is https://buyyoutubviews.com, which offers various packages to suit your needs and budget. When you buy youtube views from this site, you can rest assured that the views will be real and high-quality ones so that they bring maximum value to your channel.