Bifold Designers UK is one of the leading brands of today. They deal in Doors, Roofing systems and windows of a kind, both luxurious looking and safe for the customers. They deliver around UK and is most prioritized in Britain because clients expect professional and affordable products that only Bifold Designers UK are able to provide. Not only they deal in delivering their products but also deliver professional fixation services. Bifold Designers has a professional team that not only answers all your queries but also fixes the doors and windows that you have ordered.



Who doesn’t appreciate a good price range? They offer a wide range of affordable prices that are low and easy for customers to happily pay, eradicating all excess charges because they deal in selling their items in bulk. Their online page has an entire gallery section loaded with pictures of home designs, giving you an idea on how you want your doors and windows designs and installations. All of their designs are made purely in the UK, ensuring easy access and availability. Bifold Designers UK services are expanding gradually from time to time, opening outlets and showrooms around UK. Currently their offices have spread through Kent, London, Bristol and Sussex. Their most popular doors are the ones that are only Aluminium oriented. Those includes Aluminium Bifold Doors, Aluminium sliding Doors, Aluminium entrance Doors and Aluminium French Doors.


  1. Aluminium Bifold Doors

These doors are one of the specialities of Bifold Doors UK since they both are classic and durable. These Aluminium Bifold Doors come with a 10 year guarantee also adding complete value to your house and contributing in the overall outlook of your lifestyle. Numerous colours and sizes are available in these doors, giving you a variety of options to choose from according to your taste and colour scheme of the house. It is entirely up to a customer if he/she wants to get them installed too. Aluminium Bifold Doors are excellent for all sorts of infrastructure such as buildings, offices, houses, extensions because they fit in perfectly. These doors also provide complete security as these doors possess multiple locking systems, security alarms, quality that is unbreakable, anti drilling equipped and are user friendly too. These Aluminium Bifold Doors open at a full scale, giving you an overall view of the entire scene and still taking a small space to fit in.


  1. Aluminium Sliding Doors

These doors are also known as Patio Doors and are designed to fix where your beautiful lawns and outdoors open. Aluminium Sliding Doors give you maximum view of your outdoors and indoors and look extravagant in the house, also granting property value to your place. These too come with a variety of colours and sizes adjusting to your needs and wants and also with a 10 year guarantee, so that you can sleep and stay at your house easily. These sliding and patio doors too have numerous locking systems and alarms for unwanted entries making them secure and efficient. A variety of frames for these doors are also available. Whatever colour and design you like, they will deliver to you on your door step. Aluminium Sliding and Patio Doors come in another type.

  • Visoglide Plus Triple Track Sliding Door

The most attractive sliding door is the Visoglide Plus Triple Track Sliding Door which is bigger version  of glass panels compared to Bifolders. They have narrower frames and larger glass panels, enabling greater view and more volumes of light inside your house. Up to 2.5 metres in width of glass and slim yet strong frame of aluminium can be opted as it is idea and light to slide easily. Still reasonable and affordable for all.


  1. Aluminium Entrance Doors

One of the most wanted doors of Bifold Designers UK is the Aluminium Entrance Door as they are famous for both toughness and resistance. Why choose Aluminium ones? Because they are long lasting due to the Aluminium content which is known for zero corrosion. In other words your investment won’t disappoint you. Also, the frames of these Aluminium Entrance Doors are thermal resistance at a greater extent which means less heat loss and lesser condensation. These doors come in thousands of colours, sizes and designs to suit your house. The designs are so extensive that they range from traditional to modern and chic according to your preferences.


  1. Aluminium French Doors

Known as the most elegant looking doors for your house these Aluminium French Doors are an ideal for a designer look. They come in both small as well as larger spaces and are flexible enough to be adjusted. Also, there are two types of Aluminium French Doors.

  • Visofold 1000 French Doors

These doors are often paired with the Aluminium Bifolders Doors and customers prefer them both side by side because they are somewhat similar to each and look ideal together. Visofold 1000 French doors are slim in looks and the narrow frames allow more light to pass indoors. The glazing on these French doors are solar control oriented and keeps the entire place cool in the summers, making them both secure and efficient.

  • Alitherm Plus French Doors

Every individual has their own set of preferences and not everyone likes bigger sizes of sliding or Bifold doors. Some people like to be private with their space and so Alitherm Plus French Doors provides limited space for opening. Customers add an Alitherm Plus French Door with a lot of windows to suit their needs. These doors too come in multiple colours and designs and are affordable for all customers.


Bifold Designers UK has reached remarkable success in a few years of its time in the industry, by providing both quantity and quality to their customers in the form of elegant, secure and reliable home essentials such as windows and doors. They not only provide the best products but the best services to suit the needs of their customers in the best possible price range.