Getting a corporate event right is a tricky tightrope to walk. They’re not the most exciting nights of your life and nobody really likes doing them, but if you’re having too much fun you could end up embarrassing yourself in front of valuable clients.

Unfortunately, they’re essential for building strong relationships with your clients and helping the business grow. If you think you need to do something a little different to impress at your next event take a look at these tips.

Theme your event

Themes make any event more interesting. If you go all out with a theme you can give the whole night a special feeling. It can lift your boring old corporate event from something standard into a night that’ll live long in the memory.

Find something that adds an extra wow factor to the evening from the moment your clients walk through the door. They’re a chance to show the client what you’re really about and get your staff more enthused and engaged with networking and leaving a good impression out of office hours. A theme they can play along is a great conversation starter for a client they may not have interacted with in person before.

Find a theme that suits your business and the image you want to create for your business. Classic themes such as Cabaret and Vegas nights are bound to make an impression and get everyone involved. Dinner and a big show or a couple of friendly rounds of poker (don’t worry if you can’t bluff, the Online Casinos guide will teach you how to count cards and gain a little advantage) will leave a huge impression on your clients’ perception of you. A great starting point that’ll make you stand out from the competition.

Find a good work/play balance

One of your goals should be to make sure everyone leaves your event having had a good time, but it’s important to remember why you’re there. Knowing how to balance your work and play attitudes doesn’t just protect your reputation, but reminds the client how professional and trusted a business partner you are.

You shouldn’t limit your conversations to upselling and brand speak, but it’s essential to establish the right balance between work and play. Your clients will have had the same conversations and will expect you to be professional at your own event. Make sure everyone takes a break from work talk for a little bit, but they’re prepared for when a tricky question comes up.

A couple of work and playground rules can help the whole night run smoothly and ensure a good impression is made.

Get a professional caterer

The quality of food is a big and much-debated deal at corporate events. If you’re looking to impress a client you need to put together a spread that’s going to blow them away, and relying on your own team to do that is a big risk.

Don’t settle for sandwiches and store-bought snacks. You’re not a team of chefs, so splash out on a caterer that’s going to deliver a service your clients will be asking about every time they come in for a meeting. Don’t cut corners or take risks with your food. Nothing is going to show your clients you care like having a range of options that fit their team. Be prepared for all allergy, dietary or fussy-eating needs their team might have.

Poor catering leaves a bad taste in your mouth. It can bring a whole event crashing down and soil your hard-earned reputation. If they get the impression they’re not good enough for proper catering, it’s going to harm the relationship. Making sure everyone leaves with full stomachs is the best impression you can make. You may also seek the help of Foothill Portables in case the rooms you root do not have access to the toilets.

Let your location do the talking

Client events are a chance to talk up yourself and all the good work your team has been doing for them, but wouldn’t it be easier if your venue could do the talking for you?

Offices generally aren’t the best spots for corporate events. They’re not the biggest and while they may be where you literally work, you’re trying to put out a bigger impression than that.

Don’t try and save money in the areas that matter, and find a great space to hold your event. If you want to impress your clients you need to find a space that can fit all of them and makes them wish they could rent out a place like this.

Even if you’re doing good work for the client a poor choice of venue will make you look a bit incompetent and have them thinking if they could do better.

A little bit of building envy never hurt anyone. Your event venue is the kind of thing clients talk to their friends and colleagues about after an event, and might just end up earning you some extra business.

These are just a couple of ways you can make sure your clients leave your next event impressed, excited and happy to be working with you. Follow these rules and make sure all your major projects are finished up beforehand and it’ll be a night to remember.