Many artists have succeeded in promoting their music on SoundCloud while many other artists are still struggling to achieve this feat. If you’re a new artiste seeking to promote your SoundCloud tracks and get massive visibility for them, below are some of the tips to help you out.


Set Up A Marketing Plan

The task of setting up a marketing plan demands that you first define your objective, realize the market you’re targeting your music to and then create the songs that appeal to the taste of that market. Besides understanding the identities of your audiences, it is very vital to find out some of the things they do such as the way they listen to music and where they love to play music probably at bars, events, in their homes or during hang-outs with friends. Getting detailed information about how and where your fans listen to music will help you realize the best way to target your songs after releasing them.

Frankly enough, you can adopt several approaches in reaching out to your likely fans and marketing your songs to them. As a new artiste, chances are that you’ll promote your music by exploring your existing audience base and obtaining more information about your fans. You should also seek to know how these fans discovered you.


Promote Your Music on Social Media Platforms

It’s possible that you don’t get massive promotion for your music even after setting out your objectives and discovering potential fans and what their preferences are. Perhaps, the reason for this could be a lack of social media integration for your music. By social media integration, you’re encouraged to promote your music on social networks. Admittedly, it would be a demanding task to promote your SoundCloud music on all social networks but advisable, you could select a couple of popular ones including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The advantage of doing this is that you’re likely to get a huge amount of fans for your SoundCloud music especially if you already have a massive following on those social networks.


Pay to Get SoundCloud Followers and Plays

Even if you have some of the most exciting songs that SoundCloud’s audience would crave to listen to, you still have to buy SoundCloud followers and plays to become a popular artiste. If potential fans bump into your SoundCloud tracks and observe that they have low remarks, followers, and plays, they’ll easily believe that you aren’t a popular artiste and unfortunately, they might not be persuaded to try out your tracks. However, buying sufficient SoundCloud plays for your tracks can trick potential fans to believe that you’re a popular artiste.


Discover Where Your Targeted Soundcloud Followers Are

One of the ways any artiste can promote his SoundCloud music is to find out the location of his targeted Soundcloud followers. Knowing your potential audience is important but discovering their location is much more important because it will give you insights into where they go in search of music. In addition to SoundCloud, some of the countless online platforms where you can discover your prospective fans are 8tracks, Mixcloud, Reddit, and YouTube. You can use to get USA targeted Soundcloud followers if you live in the US!