Planning a trip takes time and even after hours and hours of planning, you still might find yourself in situations where you wish you had prepared yourself even better. Here is some equipment that will make your trip easier.

1. The trtl Pillow

Falling asleep on planes is a struggle. Yes, neck pillows, inflatable pillows and other types of travel pillows are great. They will solve the problem for many travellers. But they´re not for everyone. Some of us just can’t go to sleep sitting up.

This is often related to the fact that there is little to support the neck when you try to sleep upright. More often than not, you’ll bob your head in sleep, then wake up, then try to lean back again, fall asleep, and then wake up all over again. All of this decreases the sleep quality and will surely make you grumpy by the time you land. Enter the trtl Pillow.

It looks like a scarf, and is worn like one too. Inside the scarf is a support system for your neck. You can wear it to support either side or even the front of your neck. The idea is that the pillow (or scarf) provides you with support and also holds your neck in place, so that you don’t bob your head forward. It’s not so tight that it´s uncomfortable, though, and the scarf part is made of soft fleece, making it easy to fall asleep.

The product has helped many travelers on planes, buses, boats and other places. It truly is a life saver. You can even use it at the airport, if you can´t find a place to lay down. Trtl also has a bunch of other gear for the traveller looking for easy and practical solutions.

2. Packable backpack

Have you ever seen someone unpack one of these backpacks? It’s just mesmerizing to watch. Seeing something the size of a fist, which could fit in your pockets, become a backpack in seconds – it’s almost magical. And even better, when unpacked they have enough room for, say, twenty or thirty packed ones.

Packable backpacks are just great. They´re easy to pack and unpack, they fit in your luggage, they fit in your pockets (so you can bring them everywhere), they´re often waterproof, and they´re very durable. You shouldn’t use them to carry a lot of heavy stuff, because this could break them and they´re not especially comfortable to carry when heavy. This is not your regular 50 to 80 liter backpacks.

But they are perfect to bring when you’re out exploring a new city, when you’re going to the beach or when you’re taking a short hike where you won’t need lots of equipment. A couple of packable backpacks are perfect for days when you’re unsure if you´ll need more space. Unpack one of them and put the other one inside it. If you stumble upon a great deal, find something you really want or suddenly realize that one bottle of water is just not enough in the scorching sun and humid climate – then a packable backpack is your friend.

3. Rain poncho

Yes, rain ponchos admittedly do look a bit silly but just like a packable backpack, they take up little to no space and they’re really handy when it starts to pour out of nowhere. Sure, a good old umbrella might be just as practical for some people. The only real difference is that a poncho allows you to use both of your hands for other stuff. This for instance makes it easier to pull out your camera for a quick photo (before it gets drenched).

4. Medicine and supplements

Anyone who has gotten food poisoning while traveling, or just eaten something that’s especially spicy on our first vacation day – looking at you kaeng khiao wan (green curry) – knows the vital importance of bringing Imodium. This and similar products can help you out when the need arises. If you experience motion sickness, you should bring tablets to remedy it.

Many people forget their daily supplements on travel. It’s important to make sure your Vitamin C levels are good when you travel. By doing so, you ensure that your immune system is ready for the foreign diseases you’re bound to meet, that you haven’t developed any antibodies for. No one likes being sick on vacation.

If you have trouble falling asleep on planes, even with the trtl Pillow in your arsenal, you could try a melatonin supplement. It makes it easier to fall asleep through the natural hormone melatonin – which is the one that tells your body that it is tired. Such a supplement is especially helpful when trying to combat jet lag. Expose yourself to as much daylight as possible in the morning and use melatonin to fall asleep when you want to in the evening.

Have you gotten any travel hacks? What are your best tips for travellers?