Time changes and so do the home designs. One of the major parts of the house exterior is your garage door. We usually focus on renovating the interior of the house, painting it and changing the cabinets. When it comes to the garage door, we sometimes neglect it. 

Experienced home designers focus on property features, like a garage door, to help a house stand out. Matt of Cash Offer Kentucky believes that the exterior of a property should be designs before planning the interior layout. This typically starts with exterior paint color, siding, and garage door style. Here are some of the latest designs of garage doors for you to keep in mind this time. Start your home renovation and keep the garage door in mind when creating your vision.

1. Frameless Glass Garage Doors

This is the top choice of modern house builders. You couldn’t have thought of using glass as a material for your garage door, but things have changed. Frameless glass doors are appealing to the eyes, and also add value to a property. For homeowners that are selling a house in the next few years, investing in a frameless garage door will add value to the property. They are expensive but worth the money you are spending. If you are using your garage for business purposes, this door design can enhance its beauty. 

2. Decorative Hardware

Decorating the house is another thing, but using a decorative material is even better. This is the trend going on for centuries now. People with a great taste in designs know the right use of wooden doors or carriage house doors. You add swing and slides to give it a modern look. Or, you can add an automatic door controlled by your phone application. 

3. Rustic Tuscan-style 

It is one of these classy designs for the exterior of your house. This door will be a huge makeover for your existing garage. The entrance will be nothing less than a filmy and aesthetic outlook. If you are willing to renovate the home completely, give this look a try. Don’t forget that a home with an attractive exterior gets the attention of the potential buyers, even if you have not put your property on sale. 


4. New Inset and Raised Panel Designs

Inset panels and raised panel designs are also a great option. If you are looking for more visual designs, these are the perfect choice for you. If any of these designs are suitable for your garage, then go for them without entertaining any second thought. 


5. Wooden Door for Brick-laid Exterior

Wood never goes out of fashion. If you have a house or any place with the exterior of the brick-laid design, the wood design door for the garage will enhance its beauty even further. So, look for more wooden garage doors. 


Bottom line 

With so many options on the market today, you can be as picky as you want with your choice. Make sure to do your homework, check the visuals of the selected design, and see how it complements the current exterior of your house. Eventually, it is your choice, yet if you are looking for expert advice, you can always try to reach the professionals for it. There are home designers influencing people to renovate their homes by providing modern-day ideas for colors, designs and material. So, do not forget to check them out!