5 Benefits of Smoking CBD Hemp Flowers

Just like a regular cigarette, you can buy a dried hemp flower, roll it in cigarette papers, and smoke it directly to start enjoying the benefits facwhich we will discuss below. Although there are other CBD preparations like vape juice and tinctures, smoking a CBD flower, the traditional way is still the most beneficial method. Nothing beats the classic, indeed.


CBD Methods of Administration

The other CBD administration methods are through tinctures, vape juice, edible gummies, mixed into food, tonics, capsule, powder, topical solutions, or even suppositories. Are they as good as smoking CBD flowers?

There are three factors to consider when choosing the method of administration of CBD hemp flowers; bioavailability, fast-acting, and convenience. Bioavailability is the percentage of CBD absorbed into the bloodstream, and how long does it stay there.

The fast-acting effect refers to how fast the CBD kicks into your system before you can feel the effects. Finally, the convenience factor will always matter, if it’s easy to carry, accessible to purchase, or easy to use.

Smoking CBD hemp flowers fit in these three criteria. That is why CBD users embrace smoking rather than other methods. Here are five reasons why smoking CBD hemp flowers are beneficial and why you will enjoy them.


5 Benefits of Smoking CBD Hemp Flowers

1.    Therapeutic Effects When Smoking CBD

When smoking CBD, the user can enjoy its therapeutic effects for certain medical conditions. It does not make any difference from vaping or edible gummies if you’re after its healing results.

Smoking CBD can alleviate symptoms like pain, seizures, anxiety, or inflammation. CBD is also proven to improve the appetite, regulate the mood, improve cardiac functions, and boost energy levels. Smoking has a higher bioavailability and is more fast-acting as compared to other CBD consumption methods.

2.    Smoking CBD Won’t Get You High

The stigma of smoking hemp should stop, and to get one thing straight – smoking CBD hemp flowers won’t get you high. Hemp flowers come from the same plant genus as marijuana, but they are derived from different strains. Marijuana can make you high, but smoking CBD hemp flowers won’t.

Hemp contains low amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), so you need not worry about the euphoric effects, but you get to appreciate its benefits. Many CBD users who smoke hemp claim immediate calming effects, but not the “high” effects like recreational marijuana.

3.    Smoking Hemp Is Fast-Acting

The fastest way to feel CBD’s therapeutic effects is smoking like a cigarette or with a pipe. When users decide how to take CBD, it is crucial to know the length of time before it takes effect. What happens to your body when you smoke CBD hemp flowers? How is smoking hemp more fast-acting than other methods?

Once the CBD user takes a hit in smoking the hemp, the cannabinoids are smoked directly into your lungs. Since oxygenation and blood flow goes through the heart, this enters the bloodstream quickly. To give you an idea, it will take 30 minutes to one hour to feel the effects CBD tinctures to kick-in.

4.    Smoking CBD Has a Higher Bioavailability

When smoking CBD hemp flower, its bioavailability reaches up to 50 percent. This method has the highest bioavailability compared to CBD oils at 20%, edible CBDs at 10%, or vape juice with 35%.

As Leaf Nation points out, CBD oils are edibles that go through absorption in the digestive system, and in this process, the cannabinoids are destroyed. That is why the bioavailability for oils, edibles, or gummies or mixed into food is lower because only small amounts enter the bloodstream.

When smoking CBD hemp flowers, there is no breaking down of cannabinoids. This means that you need to take in low doses only to feel the effect. As for edible CBD forms, you have to eat more or have higher doses to feel the therapeutic effects.

5.    Smoking CBD Hemp Is Legal in Many States

Under the Hemp Farm Act of 2018, it is legal to grow, cultivate and consumed. But the federal law could not control the laws with regards to recreational CBD. This means that smoking CBD hemp is legal in many states, but may not be permitted to some.

This is true for Texas and North Carolina that strictly bans the smoking CBD hemp. But for many states in the U.S., smoking CBD hemp is legal.


The Bottom Line 

Whether you smoke CBD for medical or recreational purposes, it could benefit you. You will love the aroma of hemp flowers too. 

Besides, purchasing the raw hemp flower for smoking will feel more natural than other preparations that have combined chemicals on it. You do not even have to worry about it showing on your drug test results. 

Now that you are aware of the benefits of smoking CBD hemp flowers, this gives you peace of mind the next time you smoke it.